Does He/She Know?

I was admiring the recent work of Mila Kunis (whom I admire both physically and professionally), and was wondering if she (in REAL LIFE) understands that her popularity is at least partially due to her physical attractiveness, and that one day, far, far into the future, said attractiveness might one day diminish. Please don’t hate me for bringing this up. It is a fact for most actors/actresses, one they are very much aware of, and with which they know they must deal with at some point in time.

The reason for this post is to ask if anyone notices actors/actresses that “KNOW” this, meaning they are RIGHT NOW doing as much work as they possibly can because they know they can’t keep up their physical attractiveness forever.

I hate to say it, but Cameron Diaz is an example of one who unfortunately did not “KNOW”. In my humble opinion, she did many movies past her prime, and the movies suffered for it.

Seem to “KNOW”:
Emma Watson
Emma Stone
Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson

Tom Cruise is the exception to the rule, obviously. That guy is still looking good and doing some amazing shit.

I’m not going to go in the obviously politically-incorrect direction of naming those who should not continue promoting their physical attractiveness. Do so at your own risk.

Please excuse us if we do not take this seriously.

I was gonna say…

This is like if the writer’s room on this sketch was dumber:

This feels like an icky topic.
By the way Dame Judi Dench will be awesome for ever! She will always be M to me.

Really? Ok, sorry. Wow.

Tempted, but not yet deleting the thread. If I should, please let me know.

While I’m glad to have an excuse to watch the Schumer sketch again, I don’t believe we need to retain this thread for historical posterity.

Brian Dennehy, for one has been coasting on his looks for far too long. He isn’t the heart-throb he once was, and he should stop trying to relive his past glories.

Although, who am I kidding. Can you blame him? Rowr:
Brian Dennehy in Rambo. Best coat in the world.

One actor who continued to be hired for his looks as he aged was Rondo Hatton. RIP.

I thought it obviously not serious, but am glad most seem to be getting the idea. Thanks! :)

Yeah, most actors aren’t aware of appearances. They’re quite modest in that way. Also, actresses are famously unconcerned about aging.

…um…yeah… Exactly!

No mention of Sarah Palin? Way past her prime. :)

Edit: Fixed.

@RichVR just stirred the pot.

Tom’s forum wide keyword filters have been triggered.


Maybe not. There’s a typo there. It’s Sarah Palin, with an “h” in the end of Sarah. Not Sara Palin without the “h”. So, if the filter requires the correct spelling, there would be no trigger activated in this…


He can have Sarah, my favorite Palin is Michael.

How do Qt3’ers feel about aging and their looks? Are you doing as much work now as you can before you turn ugly?

Not really, but this evening I did do 20 situps before taking a shower. I might try to make that part of my routine.

Otherwise I just take walks during the weekends and carry my kids around.

I’m 66 and happily married. Looks are irrelevant at this point.

I did all of my best work before I was hit by a car. So yeah. You’re right. Ugly shuts you down. Face ain’t as symmetrical as it used to be. Good point.