Does Hilary need to lose weight?

Let’s face it. Looks matter and Hilary is getting more dumpy by the year. Would it help her chances if she lost more weight?


I’ve never heard this question asked about a male politician. But every now and then it comes up when a woman runs for office. Not often, thankfully. But sometimes.

Nope. She’ll either be Margaret Thatcher or she won’t.

Al Gore.

Not while he was a politician.

I’m unlikely to vote for Hillary regardless, and certainly her body type won’t enter into the decision;
However, my personal preference is for the rounder more-grandmotherly look. Andrea Merkel instead of Margaret Thatcher or Segolene Royal. But if female candidates need to project aggression to overcome their perceived innate mushiness, then maybe being thin and bony is politically optimal.

That’s because male politicians go out of their way to show that they stay in shape. With Bill Clinton, it was jogging. For GW Bush, it’s bike riding.

Are you kidding? They’re all over Al Gore on the same question.

EDIT: Also known as, “What Squirrel Killer said.”

When did he stop?

So Bill Clinton never got called “tubby” when he was in office?

Yes Dirt. You have the fast track on this one,.

Seriously, this topic is fantastically stupid.

This thread is useless without pictures.

He was indeed called tubby. But I can’t recall anyone asking if his losing weight would help his election campaigns. (At least, publicly.) Same thing with Al Gore; he was not a slender man in 2000, but I can’t think of one time anyone asked whether he should slim down to garner more votes.

Dirt has a good point about the public exercising, however. Maybe female candidates should get on that boat, too, to provide a good example for their constituents or whatever.

This thread is useless with responses.

All I can say is, people had better learn to spell her name correctly by the time she’s president.

President Clinton only has one L. It’ll be fine.

Not exactly “slim down to garner more votes” but Gore’s weight does get noticed. (Scroll down to “Gore as fat – “a little puffy””)

There are those who are questioning whether he is attempting to lose weight right now in connection with a possible late entry 2008 run.

These are the kind of important questions that, when asked by drooling media robots, gets idiots like GWB elected.