Does Hilary need to lose weight?

Image is everything. Even FDR knew that and visual media was only a fraction of what it is now. He never let himself be filmed or a picture taken of himself while he was sitting in his wheelchair. Harding got elected based on his looks (and universal suffrage). A little girl told Lincoln how much better he looked with a beard, so, Lincold grew a beard. Many Americans wistfully think back upon “Camelot” as some kind of American Golden Age based largely on how attractive the President and First Lady were. Looks matter. And, let’s face it, part of Obama’s attraction is that he is attractive. No other African American running for President has garnered this much attention and support. There have even been comparisons between Obama and Kennedy.

Not sure about weight, but she needs to stop dropping in the polls. Maybe she should try to get cancer, too.

disclaimer: It’s a joke. Probably a bad one, but my sister has cancer, and I’ve lost relatives to it, so don’t take it as being insensitive.


Why should this be the story? Who does it benefit to make the superfluous the narrative?


The people trying to win. Looks are critical, especially height and weight.

I don’t think she needs to lose weight, but it probably wouldn’t hurt her to be seen participating in healthy habits. During his presidency, I remember Reagan running around a beach in swim trunks. He was swimming, tossing around a nerf football, and demonstrating an excellent level of fitness. He was hanging with his secret service detail and keeping up with them.

Two birds, one stone!

Hmm. When I think of GW Bush and sport-like activities, I remember him managing somehow to fall from the hi-tech “Scooter” and injure himself, despite the fact that Scooter was supposed to be next to impossible to fall off from.

Maybe they should pay for their own research.

I agree, and have argued against tax-subsidized campaign dollars for years.

There’s a whole thread full of Photoshops of this picture: link

My favorite:

There was actually a fairly big story about one of the second tier guys(Richardson?) trying to slim down on recently, and Huckabee’s weight loss appears to be his primary apppeal.

That SA thread is great.

Hillary pic I found the other day:

They’ve been making that Hillary/chicken combo joke for years. It wasn’t funny then, either. Are her thighs really that fat? She looks like she’s in reasonably good shape, particularly for an American. I bet Janet Reno’s thighs are fatter.

This is an amazingly enlightening conversation. I hope it continues for quite a while.