Does the P&R Forum Make Baby Jesus Cry?

Or is it just me?

I quite like it. It keeps me up to date with what’s going on in America.

And what’s the deal with airline food!

Sigh, maybe that’s really where the tears come from.

Where is teh poll?

Haven’t we had enough polls lately!?! storms off in tears

This isn’t entirely true. I occasionally have to read Cigar Aficionado’s forums to get the (usually retarded) opposing view.

I like it because it’s easier to ignore all of the worst threads when they’re all in the same subforum.

Edit: except taser apologists, but I just like that thread because the title is funny

That’s why I don’t like it.

For most people, politics is religion. Mostly unprovable dogma for which folks will get all red-faced and scream about how they’re right and everyone else is a bunch of heretics. For us nonbelievers, terms like “electoral mandate” and “public option” are as meaningless as “papal infallibility” and “salvation of the elect”.

The P&R Forum seems to just be the same people making the same arguments with the same words in the same manner over and over again. I’d bet some enterprising young geek could write a script that could auto-generate a full P&R thread, complete with Adree image-macros, for any topic and it would be indistinguishable from the real thing.

This is beautiful, and quite likely true. I would LOVE to see someone do that, lol.

Justify THIS one, Cathcart! I need to start saying that to people more often. “Justify THIS diet soda, Mike!”

I am in the boat with Mightynute.

As a source of breaking news and SOME links to more in depth coverage, I like it, but, generally, you know what to expect and from whom to expect it on any given topic. If the board did not lean so much one way…no, it would still be difficult to take.

P&R pretty much follows how all political/religious debate goes in the media and many circles in person. A lot of yelling and grandstanding. Personal debates with open-minded, close friends is about the only place where P&R based discussions work with me.

I’m confused as to what the point of this thread is. P&R is what it is, which is mainly a small subset of QT3 posters who want to discuss that stuff in closer detail. It does have a tendency towards a particular perspective as well since most of the regulars are of a general similar mind and tend to be rather aggressive about that viewpoint.

Most gaming boards I’ve visited are similar.

I guess it could serve an assessment of people’s current feelings on P&R. I would say that is as worthy a subject as any…for EE.

That is the nicest way of describing a festering and stinking cesspool of hate that I have ever read.

If you hate P&R, try to imagine what EE was like before P&R was put into place. Ugh.

Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

As probably the only person on this forum who believes in limited government (I refuse to call myself republican because I’m not a batshit insane bible belt blind supporter) I learned a week into being on this forum that it would be best for me to just avoid that whole sub forum.

Why do I have to have a point to express my opinion?