Does the Rock Band Stratocaster Guitar Suck?

This is my problem with it. I never really gave it a chance in terms of getting used to its peculiarities, because mine is flat out defective. Missing notes is just plain unacceptable.

Does the Rock Band Stratocaster Guitar Suck?

Does the Pope have the world’s largest PrOn collection? Why, yes he does!

(He knows sin when he sees it.)

No? Maybe we need to make a poll about that.

This is the same guy that made a Portal GOTY? thread with poll choices of “Yes” and “I’m an idiot”

If you make a poll where the options boil down to yes, no, and maybe, you don’t get to count the maybes with the yeses.

Sure I do. That’s what the “Meh. I can’t tell the difference between the Strat and any other plastic guitar” option was for.

Seriously, NONE of the PS2 or Xbox 360 1st party plastic guitars up to this point have had ANY doubt whatsoever about their performance:

  • Black SG
  • Red SG
  • Xplorer
  • Kramer
  • Les Paul

Many don’t like the shape of the Xplorer, for example, but it always performed perfectly. Any mistakes you made while playing were entirely yours.

Can you say that about the Strat?

The one that came in the box, no. The one that they replaced it with, yes.

You can argue that the mushiness of the strum bar makes it harder to keep time, or that the shape of the buttons causes you to make fingering mistakes, and I’ll buy that as a valid design critique. But if yours is actually dropping notes, or overstrumming by itself, RMA the bastard.

I remember a lot of complaining about the Xplorer, even outside shape/ergonomics. I know I had tons of trouble with it compared to my old Red SG. I pulled it out for GH3 and it was a piece of crap compared to the LP, but then everything is. I’m about two thirds through expert on GH3 if that matters

For the record, I answered “Maybe, there are better choices” to indicate it was okay. It’s better than the Xplorer and Wireless PS2 guitars. It’s not as good as the best controller out there. It’s distinctly middle of the road performance wise for me.

I’m going to have to try using the Les Paul for Rock Band. I’ve always used the Strat and really like it.

Welcome to the light side

The RB Strat is decent. I like pretty much everything about it except the whammy, since every time I use the whammy I hit the fucking effects switch, which can trigger star power when I don’t want it to. <3 My LP whammy which is far better.

Is this the guitar without buttons?