Does this bug anyone else (IGN TV reviews)

I am curious, who are the IGN TV show reviews written for?

They are not just chock full of spoilers (granted, they do warn you before hand) but they tend to describe in detail the entire episode.

If you have not yet seen the episode, that seems like a terrible idea. So you would never want to read a review from IGN TV for anything you’ve yet to watch.

If you have seen it, what on earth do you need a play by play for? I can’t figure out this target audience, honestly. I guess they are only written for people who have seen a given show and want to relive it while getting someone else’s opinion on it? I would think that more folks would want someone’s opinion on something they haven’t experienced yet for themselves, rather than the reverse.

Anyone else ever wonder about this?

I think TV shows “reviews” are usually recaps and people like recaps.

Yeah, I can see that. Maybe the “review” is what is throwing me off, and they only call them that to drive traffic up or something. Seems kinda silly though, to me.

You’re employing a pretty limited definition of “review”, thinking of it only in the sense of a newspaper movie review or a game review, a consumer tool to help evaluate and rate a product before purchase.

The IGN people, perfectly validly, seem to intend their reviews in a slightly academic sense, as analysis, discussion and critique of a work, for the benefit of people who are already familiar with the work or wish to learn more about the work for their own edification, not to help them make a buying decision.

Though I don’t regularly read the IGN reviews, I checked out a few just a minute ago and I like that style. If I don’t have time to watch a show, the review is detailed enough to really let me know what happened. If I did watch the show, the review is a nice jumping off point for a discussion.

Of course, I think spoilerphobes are silly, by and large. Most decent art, even mainstream pop culture stuff like TV, if it has any quality, will entertain without everything needing to be a surprise. I personally get a lot of enjoyment specifically looking forward to certain scenes or moment so revelations that I know are coming.