Does this MBP have the shitty keyboard?

Model A2251 with a Touch Bar

That’s a 2020, correct? It’s scissor switches, it’s fine. Butterfly keyboards were in the 2019 models.

I think my MBP is a 2019 model and some of the keys intermittently double-press or don’t press at all which leads to a lot of frustration when I’m using an already laggy virtual Windows desktop for work. First it was the space bar, then the ‘i’ and ‘o’ keys, now backspace. I’ve not much experience with laptops but that seems pretty terrible to me, especially given Apple and the Macbook’s reputation.

You have a butterfly keyboard, which were shit. There was a repair plan to get it fixed if you check with Apple Support. Although, the best solution is to get a laptop that doesn’t use that style keyboard.

MBP = Macbook Pro. To save others the time.

Yeah, not going to lie: even I had to give that some thought then I went ahead and used the acronym as well like a monster. I generally avoid acronyms for that very reason! D’oh.

@LeeAbe yeah, we’ll be switching to some Dell XPS laptops soon once IT have sorted them! That keyboard feels lovely too, although the touch pad is very stiff compared to the excellent Macbook Pro’s!

I keep reading that the XPS’s touchpad has basically caught up with Apple and is just as good. No? Microsoft’s latest version is really good as well from what I read.

Yeah, I know a lot of folk said that but to me the click is a lot firmer so it requires more force which fatigued my muscles even in the short time I used it. The Macbook’s is so light in comparison.