Does this seem wrong?,20967,1014617,00.html

They do have the admonition near the end to “Stay Straight” , but am I wrong in thinking that putting up a how-to just isn’t right?

I kinda stopped reading it when he represented CDs and DVDs as interchangeable in terms of storage space.

Oh man what a stupid answer. I’d love to see this goober back up a GBA game using Game Copy Pro. Or back up a Dreamcast GD-ROM disc. Or find a working Xbox emulator. There’s a reason I ignore this magazine and its website.

Wrong answers aside, yes, you are wrong in thinking that putting up a how-to just isn’t right. There are legitimate uses for both emulation and backed up game discs. What should he have said? “Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you how to do something perfectly legal with something you already own because I’m going to just assume you’re a crook instead?”

There are working Xbox emulators and you can backup a GD-Rom, just not with that product and not as easily as the article suggests.

The lastest progress update from the site:

“Check out the progress on Panzar. It is going to blank screen and/or crashing after the menu, but the menu looks real damn nice.”

We obviously have differing definitions of “working.”

Sorry but I gotta interject a personal pet peeve: Obscure subject titles with nothing but a link and obscure comment. :?