Does WoW still lag and kick from game for anyone else?

I’m playing again (on Llane), but other than the so far merciful avoidance of a queue, it’s like I never left (and they never resolved the problems).

At least every one hour playing session I’ll get a couple of 20-30 second spots of lag while looting, etc. Each night I have played I’ve had a couple of link-dead logouts.

I’m playing behind a router, but I’ve had no problems in any other games (Battlefield 2, EQ2, and some other that tend to stress the system) either on the internet side or the computer power side.

Am I just doomed to fail at WoW? Is this still normal? I had heard they resolved these problems, which is why I’m somewhat surprised (and thinking maybe it is now something odd with my setup).

When I was getting crashes in WoW, back in beta, it was because my CPU was overheating. Back then I kept the case inside a cabinet, and it was just insulating the case too much, trapping the heat and making it hotter and hotter until WoW couldn’t take it anymore.

Other games just don’t work the CPU like WoW does.

Run this.

More infos here.

EDIT: the title fooled me. If you lag out, you don’t crash.

I’m not sure that is true. I’m sure others can raise experiences where a game has caused issues re overheating where others haven’t. Unless i’m mistaken WOW probably isn’t pushing a CPU that much - hence its rather low requirements in comparison to other games. Something like BF2 will be stretching it far more.

That said still could be it I use this free utility

Keeps track of HDD/CPU and System temps as well as various tools for recording temperature.

I’d also be checking the memory to see if an issue exists there

Is as good as any, just grab the iso image write the cd boot your pc and it will give your pc a good memory test.

Most likely its not either of the above as other games are ok - but you never know :)


p.s lol mark me down for reading the title more than the article :) Above will not cause lag - but they’re good utilities for investigating crashes due to hardware :)

First off, I edited the title. Sorry about that.

Second, if it helps, I’m running an AMD 3500, 2 gigs of RAM, 6800GT Vid Card. This computer is two months old, and every other game has been running flawlessly (well, Battlefield 2 take forever to load and get to the account screen, but I understand that is a problem for everyone).

So I’m still having a difficult time seeing how it could be my computer or net connection. If it is my computer and net connection, I believe it is a specific problem with the interaction with WoW, because other more computer/net challenging games do not have that issue.

In game, I’m getting sub-100ms times by the way, if that helps.

Could it be the server I have chosen? Seems unlikely, and of course now, we don’t want to reroll because we like our characters.

Have you closed ALL background processes except the system ones? How about your anti-virus/spyware software? It sounds like something is logging on to the internet in those intervals. Are others on the network? They could be doing things that can take up bandwidth.

I have had no lagging issues with any of the WoW servers I’m on except when I’m in IF or Org.


Hmmmm. Everything else is shut down, but I do have AVG antivirus running. I could shut that down I suppose.

Second, if it helps, I’m running an AMD 3500, 2 gigs of RAM, 6800GT Vid Card. This computer is two months old, and every other game has been running flawlessly (well, Battlefield 2 take forever to load and get to the account screen, but I understand that is a problem for everyone).

Not experienced any issue with getting to the account screen or logging on frm my own perspective. Only area that is slow for me is the verifying and that is purely down to hard drive access.


Hmmm. I also wonder if the router is the issue. I went to Blizzard’s support site, and it says that one of the ports must be available.

I still do not fully get the whole port forwarding/UpNP (or whatever it is) thing. I know how to port forward, I just do not know when I need to do it (because I thought that part of the UpNP thing was that it took care of most cases where you would classically have to port forward automatically).

At the same time, if it were a firewall/router thing, I do not know why it would work at all (or at least for 15-30 minute stretches before the next lag event).

Should also add that it is not just my computer; my wife also goes link-dead a lot (and gets kicked to the log-in screen) on a slower computer than mine. It often happens at the same time, which really makes me think it is an internet/connectivity issue and not a computer issue.

Usually you should only need to port forward if you are providing a service - for example a web server/team speak server or hosting a game. Otherwise the connection from outside doesn’t know where to go in your network. If you are using a client app like WOW there should be zero reason to port forward. That said you maybe blocking some ports and in which case these need opening up. There are a number of free tools that allow you to see what ports are being used by an app - do a google and you should come up trumps.

One thing I am not sure about if you port forward a normal port away from your machine if you are using a client app that requires that port what then would happen.


Ok here is the deal. I dont think they have a clue as to really why it happens. I know its not a computer issue but I think it really has something to do with the client.

Example last night after I patched the game and tried to log in and I get in to the game only to see 200 unknown entities running around and then 3 min later I get dissconnected.

I try and log in again and I get the same thing. Tried it 4 more times and it kept happening. So I reboot and start fresh and it happens one more time and finally it stopped for no real reason.

It has nothing to do with UI settings or other programs running ( though I have had a problem with WoW and running a bit torrent program sometimes). I really dont think there is a rhyme or reason as to why it does it.

It has not happened again yet but who knows when it might strike again. Since it doesnt happen all the time there is almost no way to narrow it down so who know what it could be. I have everything set the way they said it should be and all that jazz.

I really think its a client taking a fart issue that just works it self out for some reason.

Also I would like to point out that this has also happened on my mac and laptop at different times through out my WoW playing time. It always happens on log in though always.

Friend of mine had that - turned out to be a dodgy new motherboard. Damn hard to track down though.

Have you tried removing all mods?

ranvarian’s post describes pretty much exactly what was happening to a friend of mine last night in WoW. He ended up having his character ported out of IF and the problem seemed to stop. Each time he would log in while in IF, he would see lots of Unknown Entities running around in their underwear, then it would kick him out. It hasn’t happened to me so far, though, and my guy’s parked at IF.

For the past few days I’ve been unable to go to Ironforge until 1 or 2 am. Even at 6 pm I guess it’s just too busy. I log in and everything looks normal but then I notice that nobody is going anywhere, they all just stand in place. And then I can’t talk in any channels. The weird thing is that I’m not completely disconnected. If I walk to the bank and then close the app (I have to hit the x button on the window because selecting exit game from the menu does nothing) I log back in and I’m in the bank. So usually what I have to do is walk out of Ironforge, close WoW, wait a few minutes and log back in. That works but it pretty much means I’m locked out of the AH (and can’t use any griffon paths through IF) until after midnight. I have had that Unknown Entity thing happen a few times, also.

First of all, what the shit? And B, that 1.9 patch can’t come soon enough.

Loot lag in WoW is supposedly caused by Blizzard’s loot table DBs getting bogged down.

Are you using an NForce motherboard? And if so, are you using the on-board network card?

I’m not and I have had no problems with WoW so far. But if I remember correctly, the friend I spoke of does have an nForce mobo, although I don’t know if he uses the onboard LAN chip or not. I would imagine he does.

That would be me and the answer to both questions is yes.

I am using an MSI motherboard with the nForce 3 chipset and am using the built-in Nvidia network controller. The nForce drivers are current and the problem, for me, only happened after the 1.8.4 patch. When I was logged in with the same character last night in IF, I got disconnected once but it was fine after that.

Have only had an occasional disconnect in WoW prior to this, no problems in other games.