Does Ziff-Davis plan on meeting any of its obligations?

To its subscribers, I mean. I signed up for GfW, then that ceased publication and it took literally 4 months before I got an issue of PC Mag as the compensation subscription. So now it’s ending its print publication, and from what I’m hearing EGM is next. WTF?

Just cut me a check now ZD. I’m done with you guys.

I seem to have this rolling subscription of Doom. I renewed my CGM subscription for 2 years, one month later it was closed down. That subscription was transfered and added to my GFW subscription. Which folled and was rollen into my EGM subsription. It says it runs out in 2013. heh.

After GfW was killed, I e-mailed them, indicated my lack of interest in their remaining publications, and requested a refund of my remaining subscription. They sent it within two weeks.

Of course, when GfW was in print, they’d fail to deliver about two issues a year, & my e-mails at that time usually were given the run around, or were inexplicably lost, so your results may vary. Good luck.

Wait people actually pay for magazine subscriptions?

What do you suggest? Barter?

I dunno I’m with Adree most of my subs have been free.

I don’t think most of my magazines have a free option. I can see that for EGM, maybe, but not most of the others.

Um, I want free New Yorker. Can you hook me up, Adree?

I’ve been trying to get off the Ziff-Davis Enterprises mailing lists for the last 4 years. They can’t be doing that badly.

And people wonder why these magazines fail…

Given how unreliable the delivery of US gaming magazines is, the subscriptions better had be free.

Can I get Edge and Rolling Stone for free?

it’s not because people don’t pay for subscriptions, most of the money is from advertising. They fail because people don’t read them like they used to so the advertisers don’t see them as important.

But when people won’t read what you give away for free your product is in trouble.

(the magazine I work for has 120.000+ paying subscribers)

Edit: I’m not saying the product is bad. Just in trouble.

I thought Magazines made most of its money from advertising anyway, not sub fees? So more eyes = more money?

Man. Someone should come up with some kind of organization that looks at circulations and determines if people actually pay for their magazines or get them shoved down their throats for free. Otherwise, how would advertisers know where to spend their dollars?

Depends on the magazine and the market. But I think most US magazine makes the majority of earnings from ads (I don’t know how big a percentage or how big the difference is between mags). And that’s certainly the reasoning behind giving away the product for free - but ad revenue is also dtermined by your target demographic and how long they spend on the magazine, so which additional eyeballs you get isn’t irrelevant.