Dog Eat Dog: Strip Darts

Right. So… my wife was shopping for clothes at Macy’s, and I was sitting with two other gentlemen on the Man’s Couch (also, presumably, waiting for their wives), and this happened to appear on the TV.

(Moderately NSFW, duh.)

“Well, that’s stimulating the intellect,” one of my fellow viewers commented.

“Definitely appealing to the lowest common denominator,” I added.

(Not in the video: Just before this, the 3 remaining contestants (having been told what the challenge was) got to vote on which one would go try this, for a chance to proceed to the next round or be eliminated. Was there any question how the vote would turn out?)

Dog Eat Dog was, for the longest time, my guiltiest TV pleasure. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen every episode, including that one. Brooke Burns was always wearing something clingy and/or skimpy, which helped.

Practically all the challenges involved being in a bathing suit or stripping in some way, and you could tell they generally selected their contestants for physical attractiveness.

In fairness to Dog Eat Dog, there were many times when it was a man that had to strip down for some reason or another.

The stakes were pretty low, though. You really don’t win much, even if you beat the Dog Pound at the end, and yet people would still gamely do whatever it was they were asked to do.

Boy, I miss Dog Eat Dog.

Back when this was on TV, I was flipping through the channels, and heard one of the contestants talking. I recognized the voice of one of my old co-workers. She ended up winning the whole damn game. I think it was 25K or something.

Yeah, they definitely went for the good looking contestants. This girl regularly had guys literally buying the shirt off her back in the restaurant we worked.

My dad has a huge crush on Brooke. Didn’t this show get canceled when a contestant broke their back/neck and is perma-paralyzed?

I hadn’t heard that, but Brooke herself was in a pool accident where she fractured her spine. My understanding is that she’ll make a full recovery, but I can’t say that I’ve been following her story.

So is this coming out on DVD, and if so, is it uncensored?