Dog Sled Saga: Dog Nukem Forever

Dog Sled Saga has just been released, after what seeemed years of early access.

It is a husky dog racing manager.
I have been intrigued for a long time by this game and its premise; any impressions would be appreciated!

Edit: It appears it is on iOS too.

I have zero interest in this game but just wanted to say, top notch thread title, old chap. Pip pip!

I love how you can “hire and fire dogs”, I wonder what animation plays when you fire a dog…

Anyway i have been dog sledding twice while traveling around arctic places, and really loved it. So I’ll keep an eye on this game. The thing holding me back is that 99% of the time I dislike any game that is a side scroller.

I played it earlier in early access and there’s a lot to like. But the balance and pacing felt off. Seems like prime stuff for them to have refined since then, so I’m eager to give it another go!

I backed this on kickstarter for about $3 in… 1998 I think. Need to fire it up again.

I grabbed it for iOS, and while it isn’t the deepest strategy game around, it is a nice light stable-management game. It reminds me of older Japanese (horses/monsters/pigeons) breeding simulations. The dogs are really cute too. The gameplay of the races is very basic - you throw bones at your dogs -, but offers some sort of variety by way of pulling tricky or ‘artistic’ moves.

Overall very pleasant, although the game is obviously meant to be played on touchscreens.