Dogtown And Z-Boys

Finally saw this tonight. I thought it was going to be a history lesson in old-school skateboarding, but what I got was self-important blowjob performed by one of “the gang” (a filmmaker) towards all the others. Sure a couple of the guys became famous, and thus the reason for the movie, but the rest is an unintentional homage to the spirit of Springsteen’s “Glory Days”.

My main issue is that, growing up in So. Cal. in the 70’s, I know that there were dozens of groups of kids doing what these guys did, at the exact same time. I wish the filmakers had pulled back the camera a bit to show a whole culture being created, and explored the reasons for it, instead of focusing on a group of nitwits who are at the most, footnotable simply because they happend to hang out with Tony Alba, and the guy who directed the movie.

So you’re just jealous? :P

No, I wasn’t old enough to be part of it. To be honest, I was hoping it would be a cool movie that shed some light on the topic, and for the most-part it did, but it became was so self-congratulatory that it was laughable. Still an interesting movie, just not what I expected.

Wow, I didn’t know there was this much backstory to skateboarding. Interesting. Heh, I had no idea Tony Hawk was a real person–I thought it was a made up name for the game. Was this mainly a West coast thing? How comes nobody tells me anything!

Hello! I just watched this today and came away feeling much like JJ above.

It could have been a really interesting documentary, but it was just too self congratulatory, too many film making missteps. We don’t even get to know the boys until the last twenty minutes of the movie. The first hour was too repetitious, constantly trying to impress upon me what bad, bad, boys this crew was, and how rough and tumble their little slice of town was. The sad thing is there’s a really great story in there, but this documentary just strikes too many wrong notes.

Every single Jason McMaster film was better than Dogtown and Zzzzzzzzzz-Boys. This film did not feature anything so exciting as a flaming couch.

The way people praised this I thought I was in for a real treat. It makes me worry about seeing that penguin movie.

I really enjoyed the film and thought it was great. It was even better when I found out I worked with a guy that grew up with them. He said he also really liked the movie and it was a very good look at how they grew up.

I liked the movie quite a bit also. In fact, I watched it twice with the rental which I usually don’t do. Of course, I grew up in Portland and even though I got into skateboarding in the 70’s, I never got into the extreme stuff like a lot of Californians and didn’t know much about any of this stuff until this film.

Factoid: David Fincher was attached to make the fictional version of this (“Lords of Dogtown”) and completed significant pre-production work before pulling out. The mind boggles: I’d have loved to see a Fincher skateboarding-genesis movie.

another factoid: The guy that did a lot of the skateboarding coordination was a guy that was living in dog town and was one of them… but wasn’t in the documentary.

He is another guy I know that lives around here.

I smell a sequal: return of the lords of dogtown: II.