Dom2 email games starting?

I’d like to join/start the next one, if there’s any takers.

I’ll play if you’re running it. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or altruism to run one myself. I call Man!

I would be in for one…although I have never played any MP and am only like 1 of 15 vs all easy AIs in singleplayer. Oh and I have yet to expand past the Jotuns Bruce’s walkthrough, so they would be my preference. But, since I will get my ass handed to me either way, it doesnt much matter who I play.


OK, that’s 6-

Carnifex- Ermor
Rywill- Man
olaf- Jotunheim
Doug Jones- Marignon
Tom Chick- Caelum
Bruce Geryk- R’lyeh

Anyone else?

Ooh I’d love to play, I’ll be Marignon if no one else wants them.

When do you guys want to start? I’m willing to hold out for more players,
but I don’t want to spend too much potential playing time waiting for people who may/may not materialize.

Ooo, can I be Orcs? If not, I guess I’ll be Night Elves. Wait, am I thinking of the right game?

I’d love to join, but I’m just about to go out of town until early January. So if it’s a late starter, count me in.

I’ll play just about anything. . . lessee. . . Ulm. (assuming the game waits until then)

I am good to go whenever, but will be unavailable from around 6a-6p CST almost all of this coming Monday.

How exactly does this work? The game doesnt progress until everyone has submitted their turns, correct? How often are we expected to check back for new turns?

In your own experience, about how many turns a day do you get done, and how many calendar days does a game take?

Finally, will there be any AI opponents?


I don’t think 12 hours of unavailability is going to impede your participation, at least I hope not- I have to work for a living and no
doubt will be missing blocks of time myself. :)
We’ll wait for everyone to complete their respective turns, yes. New
turns will be emailed to you.
In my experience? This is the first time I’ve played Dom2 via email.
I have no idea how many turns/day we’ll go through (2?) nor how
many calendar days a game can last (quite a few?). Hopefully the people
with more experience in Dom2 PBEM can comment on this.
Finally, on the question of AI: I’m open to AI participation, though
I hadn’t planned on it. Any opinions on that?

In my experience, you’ll get one turn a day, assuming the game eventually has around 6-8 human players. Differing time zones, work schedules, social commitments, etc., make it difficult to get it moving faster than that. That means the game will take, I would guess, 2-4 months to complete (although some individual players will be eliminated much earlier).

I am fine with having AI players, although I’ve never done it.

We now have 6 committed (7 if Olaf decides to play). That’s a good
number to start, I think. Any thoughts/votes as to AI inclusion
(and difficulty of said AI)?

What is Dom?

Dominions 2, a fantasy-themed strategy game available from the fine folks at Shrapnel.

I am definitely in, I just wanted to clear up some of the details as to how this works.


I’m gonna try the demo and see how I like it. Something tells me I’ll be ordering it on Monday as I like the idea of doing email-type games…

We have 7 players, so let’s get started. Please email me
your pretender files at the email address provided via PM.

Sent. Let me know if there are any problems.

I sent mine too…I think. What is the file we are supposed to send? I sent something called jotun.2h from my ‘newlords’ subdirectory.


That’s the one.