Dom2 game QT3-World has started

Well, I’m only in one game at the moment, and we seem to have some interest, so…

… I’ve been wanting to play a big game on the World map. So unless people think it’s a bad idea I say let’s give it a try. The game is for as many people as can sign up before Saturday.


Current players:

JM: Vanheim
Jason Lutes: Arcosephale
JamesG: Ulm
Senator Cthulhu: Abysia
Brandon Clements: T’ien Ch’i
LokeUtgaard: Caelum
Carnifex: Ermor
Cabbage: Jotunheim
Rob O’Boston: Mictlan
GuildBoss: Pangaea
Ben: Pythium
Dave Perkins: Machaka
Infinite Jest: Man
NatCox: R’lyeh
Bakov: Marignon
crit: Atlantis
Foom: C’tis

The map can be found here and the fixed mapfile here*. Again, if people would rather play a different map, then we can switch, it’s not a problem.

Settings will be defaults / score graphs off. 48hour forcehost+quickhost is preferable but I’m flexible on that (wahey)

[size=2]*[edit] To play this you’ll need to download the (my first link), extract that to your dom2 maps dir, then overwrite the you’ve extracted with the one in the 2nd link. [/edit][/size]

Sign me up for Tien Chi, please.

I propose a separate Dominions 2 forum.

And yes, I’m perfectly serious.

5 dom2 posts on the front page. That really too much for you?


But hmm yeah maybe I should’ve stuck this in the monster thread.

As my Pythium empire is rapidly comming to an end in the QT3-Europe game, I think I can easily find the time for this one… :D

I would like to play Caelum.

I find this game so compelling, but I have to pass it up. The thug I hired a few days ago has tied me to a chair and threatens to crush my toes with a sledge hammer if I sign up. So, have fun, guys.

I’m in the same boat, game overload. Still, it’s a happy thing to be part of a community with so many Dom2 games I have to start turning some down. Means when I get out of some of my current games, replacements will not be hard to find :D

Don’t believe the pythium misdirection/hype machine!

Don’t believe the pythium misdirection/hype machine![/quote]

Yes! Obviously he must be a witch if he doesn’t drown!

You’re both down for provisional places… ;)

What’s the upper limit of players for this game?

OK, you’ve twisted my arm.
I’ll be the asshole- Ermor please!

I’ll give Jotenheim one more try. Phear my large angry peoples!

World is pretty huge. Illwinter lists 10-17 players recommended for this map, and has one “world war” map variation that gives each player 4 or 5 starting provinces (kinda themed around the nation), along with 2 forts.

Upper limit is um, the number of nations in the game, I guess. Obviously if we dont fill all the slots in the next day or so then we’ll just get cracking with what we have.

I’m running out of nations to play. I have ulm, atlantis, ryleh, arcosphale, and mictlan left to play for the first time in a multiplayer game. May I have the mictlans please?

N00bs welcome? If so, I’ll take any empire that’s good for n00bs as I’ve played only Jotunheim thus far and don’t have any experience with the others. Marignon or Pangaea any good?

For a new player, I would recommend Ulm. It’s hard to go wrong since almost all of Ulm’s troops are good. Expensive, but good. For the benefit of those who haven’t played Ulm, I’ve pasted my Ulm players guide in below.

Nick Walter’s Ulm Guide

  1. Make prophet
  2. Buy troops
  3. Research Flaming Arrows
  4. Buy lots of crossbowman and cast Flaming Arrows on them a lot.
  5. Dominate world.

Newbies are indeed welcome, as I am one of them and I don’t want to be the worst player in the game :D

Shall I put you down as Ulm?

Ulm is already taken. Just give me Pangaea. thx