Dom2: Good vs Evil game - CLOSED, get your pretenders ready!

Having blatantly ignored all suggestions and constructive criticism, I’d like to start the following game:

(OK, maybe a few suggestions actually penetrated)
Rollory, I really like the pairs you mentioned, but I’d like to give this one a shot first.

Good (Pros + n00bs):
Atlantis - Clark (MENTOR)
Man - Guildboss
Ulm - Backov (MENTOR)
Arco - Dave Perkins
Caelum - Robert Sharp
Marignon - Mercutio
Pangaea - Nick Walter (MENTOR)
Vanheim - Jason McMaster

Bad (As Rob put it, those of us who never win)
Ermor - VegasRobb
Abysia - Balut
C’tis - Brandon Clements
Jotunheim - Jasper
R’lyeh - Rob O’Boston
Mictlan- Carnifex
Machaka - Jason Lutes

I’m hoping we get 2-3 pros to mentor the good side. N00bs are fully encouraged to use any form of communication for guidance, including showing up on Bruce’s doorstep at 2 AM.

Post if you’d like to play- nation and self-evaluation, if you please.


I am noob. I honestly don’t care what side I play, but if I have to choose, I’d pick Machaka or Ulm.

edit: Aristopphaeleaahehae -> Ulm

Arco OK, since you’re a youngun?

Sure thing! I edited my previous post from Arco to Ulm since I didn’t see Arco in your list. But Arco is great.

edit: Oh, now I see “Arco” - I was looking for the long version of the name.

N00b here for the side of Good (and a bit of tutelage!). Man or Vanheim is fine.

Abysia for Bad, unless Good really wants me to mentor (despite my lack of wins), then I’ll pick Tien Chi.

I’d like Marignon for n00b goodness, though I am away on holiday from the 11th to the 18th of september.

I’ll take Ermor. Muahaha.

It doesn’t bother you guys that Good has 10 factions to Evil’s 7, and moreover that Good has all the best factions? Pythium, Arcoscephale, Caelum, Man, Vanheim? Whereas the evil guys get Jotunheim. Not only that, the good guys have all the most mobile factions, who will be most easily able to work together…

Obviously this a bit subjective, but it seems like you’re setting yourself up for a lopsided game.

The scales are supposed to be tilted in favor of good I believe. It’s to counterbalance the new-player vs hardcore dom2 sharks factor.

I hadn’t realized that there were serious imbalances in the game.

I hate you people.

All this talk finally convinced me to buy the game. I’ve got so much else to work on but no… a year of non-stop Dom 2 talk finally got to me.

I’m BUYING the game. I could probably get a review copy it but I know the FS crowd wouldn’t care less so I’d just be ripping off the devs.

Die. All of you. How am I gonna pay the cable bill this month?


There aren’t.

Different people have different levels of luck with various nations depending on their playstyles. With the complexity of Dom2 there is plenty of room to play differently and still be successful. In earlier versions of the game there were some subtle imbalances but the game is still getting actively supported/patched and most of those have been worked out.

Welcome to the fold. Good time to join the QT3 dom2 crowd, with one newbie game shaping up and another planned for the near future. :D

I’m with Balut, who should I pick?? I don’t know much about the game yet

I’ll play evil, demented R’yleh. So someone should rustle up Clark and make him play one of the expert roles.

I’ll take C’tis please.

I’m bad, but I feel gooood

Doh! senator_cthulhu wanted to claim Ermor or R’lyeh for this game, but has problems logging into his account. He emailed me to get his pick in, but I didn’t get a chance to check my email until now. Uh, if anyone wants to let the esteemed delegate from beyond the stars in as one of those factions, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. Otherwise, uh, pencil senator_cthulhu in for the Evil faction as something or other.

Some factions are clearly better than others, but there aren’t any serious imbalances IMHO. Still 10 vs 7 with the larger team having the stronger factions and the factions best able to work together as a team all stack up to pretty long odds. 10 vs 7 alone would be pretty rough!

But if the game is meant to be unbalanced, it’s no big deal. I just didn’t realize that was the intention.

That’s easy, just cancel your cable subscription so you have more time to play Dominions! You’ll quickly save money. Dominions will also swiftly give you plenty of avenues to vent your Divine Wrath, perhaps even enough to follow through on your curse. ;-)