Dom2: I need a Sub for LutesCradle 1 & 2 and BackovQT3 R


Unfortunately, I’ve decided to post at QT3 for a Sub to take over for me in these three games. After two hurricanes, I am over 3 weeks behind in my business and personal commitments, and keeping my time commitment to these games will be more of a chore than enjoyment. The good news is that I think I have a viable position in all the games, so the Subs won’t just be playing out the string. Sorry, but blame those bitches Frances and Jeanne :shock:

I’m Ulm in Cradle1, Jotun in Cradle2, and Acro in Relaxed. First come,first served, and I’ll try to find the time to update you on my position and diplomacy.

I’ll also need instructions from the hosts about how to do the transfer.

Thanks to all for playing and hosting, sorry about this… :(

Lloyd Heilbrunn

I’ll volunteer to take over arco in Relaxed.

I’d offer to take over Ulm in Cradle 1, but since I’m your friendly neighbour Machaka, it’s probably not feasible.
p.s. Anyone who takes over Ulm, give me call- we need to talk.
p.p.s It would really be a great position for a noob to take over. Really.

I would like to take over Ulm in Cradle 1.

I haven’t played Ulm in MP before, so I guess that counts as “newbienes”.

Ok both you guys are in as far as I’m concerned.Loke get Jason to email you the next turn,there is no password,he already agreed to send the turn to a sub.Drop me a line when you’ve glanced at it if you need some intel on what I was doing in diplomacy etc.

Kevin: Email or PM backov to make sure he’s ok with you taking over and to get the server info then email or PM me for the password and intel.

Thanks,if you guys do well give me partial credit.

Anyone for Jotun??

Great. Could you please PM me Jason’s e-mail address?

Thanks Loke for joining, and no more players need apply. We’ve filled the spot for Cradle 2 as well.

Thanks Jason for hosting. I’m curious, I have not heard from anyone for Cradle 2, who took over??

Thanks Jason for hosting. I’m curious, I have not heard from anyone for Cradle 2, who took over??[/quote]
The redoubtable Kevin Perry, who I believe is among the very best of the Dom II players on Qt3. Your empire is in good hands :)

I PM’d Backov, but haven’t heard back. Could someone pm me his email address? (Or point out where it’s listed, as I didn’t see it in his profile.)


I don’t need to be informed or give permission in any way.