Dom2 - Is QT3-Ben-Noob dead?

It’s been 10 days since I’ve seen this one and it was just getting interesting. Last I’d heard was Tien Chi hasn’t taken his/her turn and forcehost was turned off for some ungodly reason.

For the love of All-father, can we please get forcehost turned back on?!

As I’ve said to a few people who’ve asked - this is not my game. If Ben tells me to unpause, it will be unpaused.

Well, nobody asked me until today to unpause. Bit of a breakdown in communication.

I was actually going to start a topic along these lines today, but yes, absolutely unpause. Tien Chi never mentioned anything to me about missing 2 weeks, and I’ve seen Frazier post recently.

Sorry- I was just waiting for the email to announce it was back up. ,I didn’t realise it was paused for me.
The Lions_blow game I’m in has been on hold for frickin ages and I just thought a similar ennui had set in.