Dom2: Question about Doom Horrors

Anyone know a way to kill them that has a reasonable chance of working?

Take off, nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Mass-produced Ethereal Crossbows? You only need to hit once … (assuming blood vengeance doesn’t reverse that too)

Is Ethereal Crossbow insta-kill, because the Doom Horror has like 60-70 hps base?

That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m going to have to go research blood vengeance. I think blood vengeance can be dodged if the attacking unit has a high MR. I may have to mass produce antimagic items as well.

Yeah. 999 pts of damage according to the description, but it also says “instantly slays the soul of anyone hit”. Comes to the same thing.

Send a Wraith Lord after it.

It’s a magical creature, isn’t it? So the Astral spell Opposition (which kills magical creatures - think it’s Thaumaturgy, but no way to look that up at work) does the trick. You’ll want a number of casters and a number of repetitions to get through the magic resistance (and/or spell penetration boosting items). And like a lot of Astral spells, the nice thing is that it’s 100 range and 100 precision, so all you need is some suicide troops to keep the thing busy while the mages do their stuff from as far back as possible.

Who are you playing? Do you have reasonable access to Astral?


The MR is through the roof. That’s why I’m looking for ways to kill it that dodge MR. If it was as easy as beating MR, I’d just use soul slay.

Also, my methods pretty much have to involve something a single mage or group of mages can accopmlish on their own without troops. I’m going to have to use teleport to catch up to the things since they move every turn. I could spend 20 turns trying to chase them down or guess their targets with a conventional army.

Just for anyone else wondering, this situation is from the QT3-Pampered-Moose game where Backov has 3 (at last count) doom horrors idly hopping around my empire (Pythium) wiping out province defense. It’s mostly a nuisance tactic at this point since I just retake the provinces with a scout when the DH moves on, but it is making me wary of massing an army anywhere.

Elf Bane or Mage Bane? They instakill magical creatures on hit. Again, don’t know if blood vengeance reverses that too.

Good call, I hadn’t looked into those. I like the idea of no MR instakill, and I’m not sure blood vengeance can reverse instakill.

Yes, please tell me which one of those you’d like so I can wish for it. ;>

Maybe I’ll just wish for it now, on principle.

Elf Bane isn’t a unique, you can mass-produce them. In fact, in JM-Hardcore … um … actually, nevermind …

All of the Doom Horror’s special abilities require you to have a high MR to fight them. A good counter to Doom Horrors are Tartarians. Particularly ones with Regeneration and high Magic Resistance (Starshine Skullcap + Amulet of Antimagic will put them on the same level as the Doom Horror)

Units like Longdead Archers and Mandragoras (Make sure you cast Antimagic with the Mandragoras) will also knock out a Doom Horror if you have a reasonable amount (I’d say 30+ Longdead Archers with Wind Guide would work and 40ish Mandragora’s with Antimagic).

Elf Bane (as other posters said) will give you a greater chance to kill them. If you have a few Bane Lords. Though unless you have a good Att and MR you won’t be able to punch through their considerable defense and the BV. Incinerate/Frozen Heart/Orb Lighting will also wreak havok on Doom Horrors.

Elemental spells are the best way to kill these things.

Of the elemental spells lighting type spells generally pack the most punch and are Armor Negating. Orb lighting, thunderstrike, that kind of stuff will usually kill it, if it does not kill you 1st.

Banefire is another excellent spell to kill a doom horror with, if you have access to it.

It’s MR is 22 max so massive amounts of communioned soul slay (or any save or die spell) with spell focii and rune smashers ( costly ) will also do the trick. Petrify is really handy since even if it saves it is paralized.

Never tried it, but maybe, just maybe stellar cascades will kill it ( although you will need a good number of castings ).

But in general they are very hard to kill. And their strat move of 10 does not make things any easier.

It will probably eat your wraithlord.

Magebane may work … never tried it on Doom Horrors. If that works then boots of the planes + magebane on an SC sounds like an excellent plan. Please tell us if that gets it.

I see zen beat me to the punch … damn him!!!

Frozen heart … always forget about that one. Yes it also works wonders.