Dom3: Altair Deneb Vega

Da’ Schedule:

Turn 17: Man (sharaleo) eliminated! Loss of all provinces, 11 players remain
Turn 18: Sudden Death Skipped! 11 players still remain
Turn 22: Pythium (Paladin) eliminated! Loss of all provinces, 10 players remain
Turn 24: Sudden Death! Marignon (Vendo Viper) is forced to go AI, 9 players remain
Turn 30: SD Skipped!, 9 players still remain
Turn 31: Vanheim (Mark Weston) eliminated! Loss of all provines, 8 players remain
Turn 36: SD! Shinuyama (Evil Steve) is forced to go AI, 7 players remain
Turn 42: SD!, 7 players remain
Turn 48: SD!, 6 players remain
Turn 54: SD!, 5 players remain
Turn 60: SD!, 4 players remain
Turn 66: SD!, 3 players remain
Turn 72: SD!, 2 players remain

Da’ Sudden Death Rules:

a) In case a the preset number of players remaining has already been reached due to other elimination, such as Dominion death, giving up and going AI, etc., then the Sudden Death elimination is skipped. However, Sudden Death may NOT be skipped two times in a row.

b) In case of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used, in the following order: dominion, territory, forts, gem income, income, research, and finally army size.

Da’ Update Before We Start

Lum has steped forward to host the game on his server. He will be doing email notification. Thank him when you get the chance. Also, PM me your email address so I can add send it to Lum in one neat, tidy package.

As a reminder, please name your Pretender after your Quarter to Three tag. I know some players like to create clever and imaginative names for their alts, I know I do. However, due to the large number of players, and the number of players in other games, this is a way to help players keep track of who is who and do their diplomacy through Qt3 PMs.

Also, be sure to disable all mods (especially Pretender balance mods like the Conceptual Balance one), except the necessary End Game Diversity mod (linked to below) when creating your pretender. Finally, Pretenders should be Password Protected.

To upload your created pretender, go to, Port: 5506.

I sending a deadline of Friday for Pretender uploads, at which point I start seeking a substitute. Not saying I won’t be flexible if someone is out of Dominions reach until Saturday or whatever, just keep in touch and try to get a Pretender uploaded.

Da’ Assignments

1)Greatatlantic…Bandor Log
3)Idar Thorvaldsen…Arcosecephale
4)Vendo Viper…Marignon
5)Wahoo…T’ien Chi
6)Mark Weston…Vanheim
7)David Erickson…Ermor
11)Evil Steve…Shinuyama

With the mega-thread broken, I’m starting a new Dominions 3 game here. Altair, Deneb, and Vega are the three stars that comprise the Summer Triangle constellation, as this game begins in the summer. I suspect players will abbreviate it ADV pretty soon. Some experience in players preferred, but not required.

Da’ Special Rules:

  1. The game will use one mod: the End Game Diversity mod, which adds a large number of thug/SC chasises to break the importance of Tartarians.

  2. Random nations: Players will not choose their own nation. Instead, they will choose a single nation to be thrown in a pot for randomization.

  3. Sudden Death: At intervals to be decided later, players will face automatic elimination (i.e. set to AI) if he or she has the fewest Victory Points. There will a lot of VPs. This is the keep the game going.

  4. Pretender Names: All players must maintain Qt3 accounts for diplomacy and to keep up announcements. Furthermore, Pretenders should be named similarly to Qt3 handles. I know this means less fun in naming, but it does make it easier to keep track of who the other players are and how to get in touch with them.

Da’ Normal Rules:

Server: Llama email server, administered by myself.

Settings: Middle Era, Ashdod banned and only 1 water nation allowed. Map will be Shahriva, pictured below.

Special Settings: Income and Resources DOUBLED, Site Frequency increase a lot, Research EASY, Players 10-12, and Score Charts ON (sorry, only way to do VP properly).

Da’ Players:

  1. Greatatlantic, Vanheim
  2. dfs, Pythium
  3. Idar Thorvaldsen, Arcosecephale
  4. Vendo Viper, Tien Chi
  5. Wahoo, Bandor Log
  6. Mark Weston, R’lyeh
  7. David Erickson, Shinuyama
  8. sharaleo, Marignon
  9. Thasero, C’Tis
  10. Lum, Ermor
  11. Evil Steve, Jotunheim
  12. Paladin, Man

My reasoning for the rules is to eliminate stalemates, make the game play faster so we are hopefully done by Summer’s end, and otherwise make the game more interesting. If anyone thinks I’m making a deadly mistake, feel free to say so and we’ll discuss it and arrive a consensus.

What happened to the mega-thread?

Not broken, broken. The precedent of all Dominions 3 business being in a single thread is broken.

To much noise going on in a single thread. Of course, considering the lack of response so far, I’m not sure I’ve improved the dynamic.

Must…resist…the temptation…!

resistance failing: but I cant run 4 games at once- gotta wait for Septrain(wow that is a long game :P) and NR2 to finish for me to be back in for this one. So Ill take a spot! unsure on the nation, ill have to do some research, but it shouldnt be very hard.

I’m tempted as well, sounds like an interesting game concept. But can’t in good conscience start a fourth game, someone would need to put me out of my misery in NR2 first.

bunch of slackers…

I’m in as Pythium. It’s game 4, so…I’ll need knocked out of another one soon or I’m going to have to start randomly staling.

It’s a nice looking map. I like the special settings.

I’d like to join. Have to think a bit about which nation I’ll submit to the random pool, though.

Wahoo bandar log

Look what we have started Scribble ;)

I want to say count me in but I’m in soo many PBEM games right now…

Count me in T’ien Ch’i

Temptation check failed. R’lyeh.

Ok damn it, I’ll take a spot, Although I have no idea what nation to add to the pool… Shin I suppose?

I have updated the roster, if I missed anyone or recorded the wrong nation, let me know.

For people on the edge, I’m willing to make a rule that no one can join if they are already in three or more games. The start of this game will be delayed a week or two so players can experiment with their random nations and the peculair rules. My own personal limit is two game staggered. I can’t imagine going above three unless one is out of a job or eats, drinks, and breathes Dominions. Other than that, getting involved in to many games ultimately, I think, detracts from their enjoyment.

I have pretty much given up on computer games. …other than dominions.
This year, I played through the witcher…and I think that’s about it. The other day I started a game of civ4 and …just drifted away.

I’m willing to be removed. I find games with 5-7 progress at a much faster rate than a game with 8-10.

This is a good rule. For people like me, who are playing about fifteen other games at any given time, this is an essential rule.

I’ll leave that to your discretion.

I’m willing to be removed. I find games with 5-7 progress at a much faster rate than a game with 8-10.

We will be on a 48 hour timer, but with the bonus resources, easy research, and sudden death rules, “gameplay” will hopefully go faster even if turns do not.


Did he just say about fifteen other games…at any given time?


My head would explode.

I assume it was hyperbole, and its actually more like three or four.

I’m pretty sure he was talking about games he plays other then Dominions, I know how he feels.

Right now I have 2 Dominions games and 4 SI games going as well as a regular time planned with Starcraft2 each night. Also have been making brief forays into the Witcher, LoL, Demigod, Psychonuaghts (Vintage Gamer Club pick of the month), SWAT4 and whatever game Steam decides to put on sale. Also I recently decided to renew my EQ2 subscription… Adding this game ontop of that pile should be fun ;)

-edit- And all this talk has reminded me that I really should go back and finish Trine. Plus there’s that DoW2 game I got a month ago… Did I mention that the Bargain Thread is like crack for me?