Domain registrars

I’ve got some domains coming up for renewal.

They’re with GoDaddy right now.

I’m not entirely thrilled with GoDaddy. I find their site to be a cluttered, confusing mess. I’m annoyed with their constant efforts to upsell me all kinds of garbage. I haven’t looked at their T.O.S. recently, but I wonder what kind of bad stuff is in there.

Is there a straightforward, business-like registrar out there that’s good for managing 1-20 domains or so, with cost comparable to GoDaddy, and to which names can easily be transferred?

I’ve been using 000Domains for years. Very straightforward interface, good with notices and security, and they (at the time) seemed to be fairly cheap.

I use and have never had a problem. They also send renewal notices at a reasonable time (monthly for the last three months before you expire) and I’ve never gotten spam from them for other product shyte.

I had to renew a domain just last week and you don’t even have to log in anymore; you just type in the domain you want to renew, choose the number of years, and fill in the credit card info (HTTPS, natch). Bam. Good thing too because I haven’t logged in there since I first bought it like 3 years ago.