Dominions 1.06 patch

Grrr, still no speed up for combat; that’s my only major beef with the game now that I’m over the learning curve – watching combat is just painfully slow.

Anyways, here’s the official info.

New Features / Game Balance Changes:

Modding possible for monsters, nations and scales.
New theme for Marignon, Conquerors of the Sea.
New theme for Ulm, Black Forest.
Master password.
Two new gods, Divine Glyph and Carrion Dragon.
(Mis)fortune affects event frequency with 5% per step.
Order/Turmoil affects event frequency with 5% per step.
New Divine Titles.
New magic sites.
Pressing ‘I’ on unit info shows monster/weapon/armor numbers.
Fires of the Faith is more powerful against enemy dominions.
Num Pad can be used to enter numbers too.
Symbol for recuperation.
Map screen speedup.
Three new independent sea provinces.
Bonus resources for the difficult AIs now depends on the game richness setting.
Master Alchemist -> 50 DP
Black Bone -> pirate captain
Improved cheat detection
Pangaea has different start units.
New environment variables for maps and mods directories (DOM2_MAPS & DOM2_MODS).
Can now hold 5 times as many maps.
Added one more resolution setting.
New Sauromancer for desert tombs nature-> fire
Warning before deleting server game.
Fatal error messages are sent to stderr.
Queen of the Lake can no longer summon allies.

Bug Fixes:

Bug left the highest resolutions permanently greyed out.
Crystal Heart never expired.
It was possible to appoint the god as prophet.
Some afflictions couldn’t heal when recalling god.
Fires from Afar affected too many targets.
-p works properly now.
Send Horror works properly now.
Fire susceptibility wasn’t displayed correctly.
Fixed temp file error with long (>500) temp dir path.
One Comander of Ulm, strat move 1 -> 2.
Error message if old Dominions I file is present in maps folder.
When casting wish you didn’t see what you typed.
Niefelheim could recruit Gygjas in underwater forts.
Fixed minor network memory leak.
Serpent King snake form was sacred.
Knight of avalon, hoof -> alicorn.
Arch Censor doesn’t eat any longer.
Twin spear has serpent kryss stats, fixed.
No more random hill forts in the sea.
No longer possible to drown mercs by recruiting then in underwater provinces.
Incorrect stealth value was displayed sometimes.
Couldn’t be immune to bog beast poison.
Arcane Domination is now an alteration spell.
Carrion Reanimation didn’t work correctly.
Raven Feast didn’t bring any death gems.
Some humanbreds had wrong equipment and movement rate.
It was possible to bid a negative amount of money on mercs, fixed.
Revenant no longer eats.
Sharks had too many item slots.
Dancing Trident resulted in attack skill reduction.
Naga had wrong path cost.
Fixed an error when changing victory condition.
Fixed potential memory screw up.
Some popups were wrong when under siege.
Routed unit has -4 def after combat, fixed.
Black Sorcerer doesn’t change back if hit by global, fixed.
New Era Pan had wrong weapon.
Many typos corrected.

I didnt notice any of those bugs except maybe wounds not healing right on recalled gods and some of the weapon/item fixes. Looking at the fix list, I wonder what took so long? Most of that stuff looks like stuff that wouldnt take but a minute or so to fix once you were aware of it.

I would have liked to see something done about combat too. The replays are too slow, and the combat information is buried inside it. A post battle report would be nice.

Its ok though because the MP game of Dominions I am playing with some of you guys looks to finish up in about 6 months seeing as how we are doing 1 turn every 2-3 days…


  1. Most of the bugs took a while to discover. And there is only one person fixing them.
  2. The game has only been out 2 months.
  3. Patches cannot be released every third bugfix.
  4. There where a number of factors outside illwinters controll that caused the patch to be delayed beyond christmas.

I have no problem with the patch, but I do have a question: the battle reports sometimes seem incomplete. It’s usually pretty accurate (as nearly as I can tell) for my own forces, but for some reason it seems to totally leave off some enemy forces sometimes. For example, I’ll fight like 75 enemy guys, then get a report that says “Enemy commanders 1, killed 0; Enemy units 10, killed 8.” Is that a bug, or intentional? If it’s intentional, why?

The defense of the province is not included in the report. I guess this is your problem.

Ah, that makes sense. Are things like units summoned during the battle counted (e.g., raised skeletons)? Just curious.

Units summoned during the battle do not show up in the report.

Are you guys going to make it easier to edit messages to other players? At the moment if you realise you made a mistake or wish to add a sentence, you have to delete the message all the way back to the offending part. Hardly a gamestopper but something that is annoying.
Also, what happened to sppeding up the replays? Is this something that can’t be done?

Re: the replays. Try pushing ‘w’ to turn off backgrounds on the battles. Speeds them up a bit for me, especially on older computers.

Here’s another vote for easier message editing, but it’s not critical, just a real pain.

I’d love to see magic sites that change the composition of the ‘defense’ troops in a province. It’s cool that the defense is based on the nation rather than based on the province troop type – it becomes another interesting advantage or disadvantage or a particular nation (Jotun milita HO!). But having super special provinces that get wacky troops instead of or in addition to the normal defense troops (perhaps some which are not even recruitable at the particular site) would be fun. Balance wise it seems like it wouldn’t get too out of control since those troops can’t leave the province.

The speed up in battles increases the likelyhood of battle replays being inconsistant with the true outcome. I don’t know if there ever will be a speedup. I honestly doubt that there will be better editing of the text, Johan K, who does almost all of the programming, is not overly keen on those type of programming tasks.

Quaro: Cool idea, but I doubt it will come to pass.

Wait a minute. I just figured something out. The game so good Geryk tentpoled his pantaloons is a sequel to an Ion Storm game? A Todd Porter Ion Storm game with the subtitle “Storm Over Gift Three”? Who would have thought a game so uncategorically terrible that a friend once described playing it “like being fisted with the box” would inspire a sequel that has now slimily fisted its way straight up through Tom Chick’s bowels, pancreas and intestines… and straight into his heart?

No, that game was called Dominion:Storm Over Gift 3.
No s. Though I was confused for a while too.

This patch totally broke the graphics for me. Without changing any settings, my battle framerate dropped from 45 to 5. Anyone else have this? I’m using a Radeon 9500 Pro with the 3.10 drivers.

Since this thread’s still alive with the sound of Johan, (and others experienced in Dominions 2), I’ll try to ask again: if I “Horror Mark” some poor sucker, will he be attacked by Horrors randomly from that point on, or will he only be targeted when a Horror is summoned for some other reason?

Since nobody’s answering you, I will tell you that although I have no actual idea what the answer is, in my experience I’ve had lots of guys horror marked in games against the AI and never once been attacked by a horror. So I don’t think you get randomly attacked (or if you do, it’s extremely infrequent).

And I’ll re-post my question that I asked ages ago and never got answered: Is there any benefit to leaving a commander set to “Defend”? It seems like if you’re sitting for a turn, you would always want to at least “Patrol,” so you catch sneaking enemy units. Is that right? Is there any disadvantage to giving other orders? E.g., if I set someone to cast a spell or build a building, and the province gets attacked, will they defend?

My Prophet was horror marked in a game versus easy AIs. One turn he got attacked by a Horror. It shows up as a regular battle in the turn summary thing. He got the crap kicked out of him.


I’ve never seen a horror, but they sound bad.

There is a penalty to patrolling a province: population loss. Apparently when troops in Dom2 go on patrol they’re a little heavy handed with the justice.

I haven’t seen Defend do anything. It’s just the “neutral” stance, I think.

You’d use it if you want people inside a castle rather that outside with the province defense when that province is attacked.

Patrolling is also important if you want your hidden units to repel invaders.