Dominions 2: hosting made easier

Ok, to prove once and for all that I’ve completely lost my mind, I’ve created an aid for Dom2 hosts which allows you to send the proper turn files for a game to each player with one double-click of the mouse. After hosting a turn in the PBEM game today and having to attach each mail file individually, I started wondering about Johan’s suggestion of Postie as a command-line emailer. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I Googled it up and checked it out. While Postie is in fact a neat utility, the free version seems to have disabled the functionality that would allow it to read a file and attach emails from a list to multiple recipients. So I figured I could use a Perl script to match files to their proper recipients and simply output this to Postie automatically. The first problem is that I don’t know Perl, so I spent part of today teaching myself Perl so that I could write a script to do what I just described. The second problem is that I’m not a programmer in any way, so I may not have gone about it in the optimal fashion. I kind of did it just to see if I could do it. (And, naturally, because I’m obsessed with Dominions 2.) All the details, along with instructions and download links for both Postie 7.41 and ActivePerl (the free Perl build I used to write the script and which you’ll need to run the script) are here:

It’s possible that if you poke around in Postie, you might find a way to do this whole thing without the Perl script at all, but I couldn’t figure out how. Like I said, I kind of just figured why not. The good thing about this method is if you just modify the Perl script slightly for each game, you can put a separate version in each game folder and then send all the emails for a single game just by double-clicking on the Perl script. So hosting three games goes from being a bit of a pain in the ass to being totally painless.

Disclaimer: if you download it and can’t get it to work, don’t ask me for help. Ask a real programmer who knows what he is doing. All I can say is it works on my machine. If your mail server requires authentication, you’ll need to modify the script slightly (the system output to Postie will require both -user and -pass switches.) Read the Postie documentation, or ask Johan, or both.

P.S. A big shout out to Crimson Editor for being both Perl syntax-conscious and being free.

Wow. You are literally a mad scientist.

You’re like QT3’s own Einstein: insane, but in a useful way. I don’t want to mess with you too much, for fear of upsetting whatever delicate balance it is you have going.

Although I haven’t used it, the tool sounds awesome. Thanks. (Thanks for the walkthrough, too, while I’m at it. Very helpful. Today I finally got the hang of Dom2 enough to get hooked.)