Dominions 2 -- late to the party again

I finally got my copy of Dominions 2, and am trying to learn the nuances. I was fairly good at Dominions 1 in my day, and so far the core game seems much the same. Can anyone point me to some info that summarizes what has changed between Dominions 1 and Dominions 2?

It doesn’t have what’s different necessarily laid out but…

good stuff, much appreciated!

In case you have not noticed and are involved in any games, there is a new dom 2 patch out. In MP games everyone need to play one the same version to be certain that the host goes through. Otherwise upgrading midgame is no problem.

A note of caution though, if you are playing Jotunheim with the Utgård theme there has snuck in a commatation error in the code resulting in a crippling of the Seithkonas magic abilitites as well as a few other effects.