Dominions 2: Yet Another PBEM Game Starting

My first attempt at getting a Dominions II game started on my Cradle of Dominion map has temporarily stalled, so I’m going to try to start another one. Please only sign up for this game if you think you can get in a turn at least once every two days, if not once a day.

MAP: Cradle of Dominion

Starting Provinces: 1
Strength of Independents: 3
Special Site Frequency: 40
World Richness: Normal
Random Events: Common
Score Graphs: Disabled
Hall of Fame Entries: 10
Research Rate: Standard
Victory Conditions: Standard
Master Password: Disabled
Renaming: Allowed


If you want to play, respond to this post with your nation choice. Once we have the full ten, I’ll close the game and ask everyone to email me their Pretender files.

Jotun, please.Thanks for trying this again. :)

Abysia please.

I could play and certainly meet the one turn every two days rule…I could do one a day.

I prefer Pangaea, if possible, but will play any of the man races, if Pangaea is taken. Where do I get the map?

I’d like in as C’tis. I’ve held up my part in Qt3Noob1 (the snafu it has become), if you want a reference. :)

[size=2]snafu=game situation, not the game itself[/size]

I’m in. Machaka please!

We have all been prompt and it’s a great game but the Ermor to AI sticks in my craw(see my suggestion in the patch thread :))

I’d like to play if possible.

Tien Chi for me.

I’m sorry. I’m the guy that messed up the last game. I couldn’t receive a file from Jason (or Rob) for some Hotmail reason.

I like them!

I had the same problem with AOL. I managed to get it thru my second email at’s a free account so you might want to set one up just to get the map file.Then you can just cancel it, or be like me and keep it but never use it.

I’d like to join. If this is a water map, I’d like to try Atlantis. If it’s not a water map, I’d like Mictlan.

Go here:

Scroll down to the “Cradle of Dominion” map and download “” for the whole shebang or “” if you’ve previously downloaded the map and just need the updated .map file.

Okay, here’s the roster so far:

ABYSIA: Vic Davis
ATLANTIS: Anaxagoras
C’TIS: JScott
JOTUNHEIM: Lloyd Heilbrun
MACHAKA: Rob O’Boston
PANGAEA: Robert Sharp
T’IEN C’HI: TheSelfishGene
VANHEIM: Carnifex

There’s still one slot open for whomever wants it!

Take me, take me. I’m not a loathsome backstabber! No, sir.

No, really, I’m OK. :oops: And I want Pythium.

P.S.: Are we using the new patch 2.11 already? I’ve installed it already, so a contrary decision would doom me to reinstall the thing.

You don’t want that, do you?

Okay, Ch., you’re in as Pythium. That makes:

ABYSIA: Vic Davis
ATLANTIS: Anaxagoras
C’TIS: JScott
JOTUNHEIM: Lloyd Heilbrun
MACHAKA: Rob O’Boston
MICTLAN: Jason Lutes
PANGAEA: Robert Sharp
PYTHIUM: Ch. Hasslbauer
T’IEN C’HI: TheSelfishGene
VANHEIM: Carnifex

Now then, everyone please mail me your Pretender files and let’s get this thing underway!

Thanks. Christian’s the name.

It is 2.11 right?

Sorry, yes, we’ll be running 2.11.

Here’s where we stand:

ABYSIA: Vic Davis – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
ATLANTIS: Anaxagoras – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
C’TIS: JScott – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
JOTUNHEIM: Lloyd Heilbrun – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
MACHAKA: Rob O’Boston – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
MICTLAN: Jason Lutes – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
PANGAEA: Robert Sharp – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
PYTHIUM: Ch. Hasslbauer – [color=red]PRETENDER NOT IN[/color]
T’IEN C’HI: TheSelfishGene – [color=green]PRETENDER IN[/color]
VANHEIM: Carnifex – [color=red]PRETENDER NOT IN[/color]

This game will be called “Cradle 2” if you want to set up a folder by that name in your Dominions directory.

All turn emails will be headed “Qt3 - Cradle 2 - [Your Nation Name] - Turn [x]”

We’ll kick off as soon as the remaining pretender files get in.

Way to go discriminating against emailingly challenged citizens. :cry:
And you didn’t receive the second email that I sent some time later?

Sorry for stalling the game. I’m going now to chastise myself.