Dominions 3: It's Shipping

See website for details. One thing you may be interested to know, though, is that orders are shipping in the order they were received, and Tim Brooks (president of Shrapnel) estimates it may take up till Oct. 5th to just get the ones that were already made out the door. So if you have not gotten a shipping announcement yet, that’s why.

In unrelated news, I am so very, very weak.

Wow, great timing.

Demo news?

Sweet, I call Ermor!

Oh, wait, this isn’t a game signup thread. I’m in Dominions withdrawl and it’s made me a bit twitchy.

Demo news: Windows version is ready for beta-testing, other versions are in the works. None will be released until all are ready.

Being Nick Walter you can’t have Ermor. Sorry, but that’s in the rules, in the new manual; on page 117 it says:

“… and if playing a multiplayer game, Nick Walter isn’t allowed to have Ermor.”

You’re also restricted to the following lists of Pretender choices:


Sorry, but it’s in the rules! My hands are tied.


Mumble mumble need a UK supplier mumble

FWIW, they expect to barely make it through the april pre-orders today. Most pre-orders they’ve ever had.

Enjoyed the dem2 demo and reading the thread on this board. so I decided to go ahead and order it on may 3rd(so not sweet shipping message left)

Do the devs still have day jobs or are they working on it full time?

mutter I see that Shrapnel’s 82nd All American is still “coming soon”. shakes fist “Damn you, Tim Brooks!” :D

Dom3 looks like fun. Can’t wait to start reading about the new epic games!

82nd is Shrapnel’s Duke Nukem Forever.

Soon, though, soon! Once folks start getting the game, I propose a signup thread to organize amateur and expert games, so as not to alienate the newcomers and/or people who never rose about the lower echelons of skill in the previous game (like me).

I call Abysia!

I call Bandar Log! You just can’t beat Monkeys riding Tigers.


Anything open, pending my availability at the time. Put me down for amateur, though.

Well I got Dom 2 from Strategic Plus Software in Hampton, which is a couple of miles from where I live, but lppking at their web site they are having a closing down sale. so that doesn’t look hopeful.

Same for me.

Yeah, that’s where I got Dom2 from too. I’ll see what I can dig up. - apparently these boys ship from the UK. Ordered with them so we’ll see what happens.