Dominions 3: It's Shipping

Thanks mate. I’ll gibe them a try too.

$60 including shipping seems a bit steep though. Import duties I guess. It’s a shame that as a European developer, Illwinter can’t find a European publisher.

Well, I guess £32 isnt bad for a delivered game. I’m happy to fund future generations of thousand-post threads!

Yeah ,I hadn’t checked the dollar/pund exchange rate recently.

Hey i just noticed that Dom3 AND Dom2 both install on OSX. That’s cool :)

[trundles off to install Dom2 on iMac]

I want to play one of those games where magic is weak and resources abundant. This should make Dom exactly what I’m looking for. And sign me up for… whatever’s left.

If we’re signing up for sides now, I’ll take Pangaea.

I preordered May 6 and they shipped mine out Saturday. Allegedly.

Awesome. The release date crept up on me.