Dominions 3 or Dawn of War: Dark Crusade? Choose!

I’ve read all the help me threads but never thought it would happen to me:

Dear Hustler^H^H^H^H Qt3,
My gaming budget allows for one more purchase this month. My latest acquisitions were Company of Heroes and Caesar IV so I don’t need to get those. I already own Dawn of War + exp. pack, and I’ve downloaded Dom3 and see its appeal, but never played Dom2. Should I get Dawn of War: Dark Crusade or Dominions 3?


I say you just keep playing your favorite GOTY of all time Sword of the Stars!

Actually, it comes down to this: Are you going to play in the Qt3 metagames of Dom3? If not, go for DoW:DC. The single player strategic campaign looks like it could keep you occupied for at least a month or two.

I faced a similar conundrum, though my limitation was time rather than budget. I chose Dom3, as it will be easier for people to buy me Dark Crusade as a xmas gift :)

Yeah, I’m not sure what to tell a guy who’s in love with Sword of the Stars. Maybe recommend a little Joint Task Force, or perhaps a Euro shooter like Chrome or Breed? :)

It’s really a genre thing, Rorshach. They’re both great games, but do you really need someone to recommend turn-based strategy or an RTS to you?

If so, then I’d say go with Dom3, simply because it’s pretty much unique.


Aww, you guys are picking on me now. But thanks for mentioning SotS again. New demo and a content update coming out in the next few weeks! :)

But back to my dilema…

Well I like the ideas behind both of them and I like RTS and TBS genres equally depending on the phase of the moon. The Dom3 is appealing considering its uniqueness and I’m still playing CoH for an RTS fix. But the positive reviews and discussion brought DoW back into the running considering my mild disappointment with Winter Assault and my love for WH40k. I guess there’s the multiplayer timing aspect as well. If I wait until Nov. for DoW or Dom3 will everyone have moved on from those games?

I’m sure I’ll own both eventually, but for October is it Dom3 or DoW?

Dom3 will have a good hardcore following for a long time…i’d go with DoW if that’s your criteria

I had a similiar decision to make: I chose dom3. Now if it would only show up! taps foot impatiently :) :) :)

That seems a fairly impossible conundrum. One’s an insanely detailed yet lo-budget, and wacky (zombies! cthulhu! Shiva incarnate!) indie TBS. The other is a Warhammer 40k brought to bloody, explosive life, high budget RTS. I don’t see how you can reconcile these.

(I suck at RTS, so the answer was obvious for me :D)

It’s a bitch of a Sophie’s Choice, all things being equal, but in your situation, it’s very easy to pick Dominions 3.

You’ve already played DoW. You’ve got WA. You’ve got CoH too. As much as there is to recommend DC, if you’ve never owned a Dominions game, there’s no question: get Dom3.

I look forward to seeing you in a Qt3 Dominions game!

I’d buy Dom 3, because CoH is going to hold you awhile RTS wise… I’d almost say that’s mistake on Relic’s part, releasing them so close together. It’s the same general crowd playing both…

Thanks guys, I’m gonna go for the unique and order a copy of Dom3 tonight. See you all online!