Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder


Diplomacy: in-game can be anything via the in-game messenger, out of game would only be publicly visible forum posts (no pms, phone calls, IM, telegraphs, etc).

Era: Early
Magic: super abundant
Gold: less abundant
Resources: normal
Thrones: 8 (level 3) 4 (level 1)
Cataclysm: turn 91

Mods: worthy heroes

nation selection: lets rank the players from least-most experienced at start(everyone votes, from 1-x with 1 being most experienced, x being least, whoever has the highest score is least experienced and we move down from there). Least experienced person picks first their nation. Then they select 3 nations that the next least experienced person has to pick from. That person then selects 3 nations that the next least experienced person has to pick from(and so on). Any person that has picked can weigh in and offer suggestions, but only the person picking has the right to chose the 3 that the next person has to pick from. So, in this manner, the most experienced person is going to get the hardest path. I think there should be some criteria in there too, like no more than 1 of the choices can be a water nation, and at least one has to differ in temperature from the other two. Unselected nations can go back into the pick pool.

Map: TBD

Timeframe: starting up the engines

Currently testing (subject to change):
Mods: worthy heroes 6.25 , Enhanced Pretenders 3.0 (use 3.0, i cant get 3.1 to work)
Map: Dodozen Water

Starting Provinces: 3
Strength of Indies: 7
Special Site Frequency: 75
Money Multiple: 50
Resource Multiple: 100
Recruitment Multiple: 100
Supply Multiple: 100
Random events: rare
Story: disabled
Score: Disable
Hall of Fame: 10
Global Enchantments: 7
Unique Artifacts: limited
Magic Research: easy
random research start: off
thrones: 8 x lvl3, 4 x lvl1 ascension required: 16, Cataclysm: 91

Signed up / nation: (first to last pick)

@ThornFalconeye: Rus, Sons of Heaven
@Kolbex: Fomoria, the Cursed Ones (C’tis, Fomoria, Lanka, Therodos)
@Akaoni: Xibalba, Vigil of the Sun (Xibalba, Agartha, Pelagia)
@Kelan: Neifelheim, Sons of Winter (Oceania, Mekone, Niefelheim)
@Strato: Ermor, New Faith (Ulm, Kailasa, Ermor)
@Evil_Steve: Pangaea, Age of Revelry (Caelum, Pangaea, R’lyeh)
@dfs: Ubar, Desert Elves(Ubar, Berytos, Oceania)
@pyrhic: Caelum, Eagle Kings (C’tis, Caelum, Oceania)

llama: BorntobeVanWilder - Game status

Started 8/6/21

I suck but enjoy playing! Count me in!

Map thoughts. Obviously depends on player count: I’m thinking 7-9. So far things I’m looking at:

Count me in. I would suggest we get started with the nation selections as soon as we get enough players, since that will take some time.

If there is room for another I will play this.

No one’s gonna say it…? Ok, then, I will:

It’s been nine years since your last Qt3 post? What in the actual hell!

Oh, i knew he was interested in a Dom5 game and I invited him. A long time ago, we used to kill zombies together…

So, lets get down to the brass tacks here. Are we talking money decreased to 50% ? And sites increased to 70% ? And what about score graphs, which I assume are shut down? And number of thrones? And catacylsm time?

Really now, @pyrhic, you need to have a few more Islays and consider these things.

Are we talking money decreased to 50% ? Yes
And sites increased to 70% ? Yes
And what about score graphs, which I assume are shut down? Yes
And number of thrones? Dependent on # players
And catacylsm time? Dependent on # players

Is this really your first wilde ride? Well, you’re in for a treat! Or a trick! Either way, it’ll be wilde!

I have not played MP since Dom4 and I just learned how to do a ‘Thug’ , so I am kind of fine with whatever rules you set, as you know more than me.

Alright and @Kelan makes 8 and i think we’re good to go. I’ll take a look at maps in the next couple days.

I’ve re-ordered post #2 in what i think the pick order should be (least ->most experienced). I think it’s a pretty good order, but if anyone has any concerns or feels i’ve off-base, just let me know below. I think everyone below the #2 spot is pretty comparable and interchangeable, experience-wise, so i just went with who was in the last game(s) that i can recall

So @Akaoni gets to pick 3 nations for me to choose from? Oh boy!

I have to admit I will enjoy finding 3 to pick for @Strato , though!

I am fine taking that low spot :D

Should I be looking at a guide to follow for a nation and following it? Or just get general tips from internet on nations and go general?

Well, you do what you like best! However, some tips:

This isn’t a typical set up and some traditional strategies will fall flat. Remember, gold is at a premium, so you’ll want to look at troops that are efficient and cheap to maintain. Sacreds are great because they’re much lower cost. So, in particular, you’ll want a nation with good sacred mages. A nation i like to recommend to newer players fits in well with this mode: Tir na n’Og - their base units are cheap and effective, and a unit like the Sidhe Lord makes a great early expansion unit with a couple of reasonable upgrades.

Oh, I’m going to test it, but i think starting out with 2 provinces (cap+1) will be the way to go…

I think that might be a good idea too. It helps get around the issue of cap locations with limited number of exits.

Passed through the first test of ‘current settings’ (see edited first post for links/settings) and things felt good. Gold was available, but hard to accumulate and one year in I hadn’t yet built an additional fort because the need for gold elsewhere was too great.

I encourage others to test as well, but i think we’re close enough to start drafting. @ThornFalconeye , it’s your pick. After your pick, you need to select 4 nations from which @Kolbex will pick. Everyone else will get three picks, but Kolbex is pretty new to this too, so i want to give him the advantage of another pick. No more than one pick in water, and no more than 2 with same temperature preference (ie, they can’t all be cold nations). If you want help in picking nations, you may solicit it from the group, but particularly for the early picks, the point isn’t to bone the player, but to maybe get them out of their element a bit(except @akaoni, feel free to bone him, as he’ll inevitably just be fighting me within the first 4 turns). Also, with your nation choice, feel free to solicit advice from the group too, if you want. Many of us have been on the wilde ryde before and can offer suggestions: some of which might even be somewhat helpful!

You wound me, sir! I was planning to start on turn 5.

For @ThornFalconeye and @Kolbex - here’s a site that might help: How to pick Nations to Torment Kelan

I am not ready for blood magic, and did some stuff with Caelum recently so I am ready to try some Thugs as:
Rus, Sons of Heaven

@Kolbex choose between:
C’tis, Lizard Kings(hot 2) [because i have a soft spot for C’tis as my first game was with them]
Fomoria, The Cursed Ones
Lanka, Land of the Demons
Therodos, Telkhine Spectre [a sea nation but they sound cool]