Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

ya, this one is between pan, fomoria and uber

OOPS. @Kelan is probably scratching his head there…

I probably didn’t even notice.

didn’t see, people keep killing my scouts

oh, wait is this the ghoul suicide charge?

My turn is either going to be really good…or really bad; I am trying a new strat.

Well, isn’t this part fun.

That’s a lot of pain Neifel has inflicted. He’ll go down eventually, but the cost has been horrific. Well done Kelan.

Dear Xibalba, by my records, the items requested were dispatched on my turn 28, and you should have received them on your turn 29. Since i no longer have them in my possession, i must believe that you have received them. I can provide shots of screen if you need further proof…

Holy crap that was painful.

be nice if someone could provide more details - maybe someone who killed my scout could show a screenshot of the carnage or something ;)

The Story of Bat Folly: (note I wanted to attack last turn, but then decided just to PING it with a scout. But didnt change orders on all my troops, which is why @pyrhic saw the ghoul suicide charge).

I attacked Niefelhiem in winter on his home, which still had 8 dominion. The bulk of my troops are cold blooded, so I knew I had a couple turns at most to do the most damage before they all froze. I also brought every type of demon I could grab, and tried to make Niefel’s home filled with unrest by hitting it with Blight and Rain of Toads whenever I could. The unrest would make my ko-onis better.

I attacked with 337 units, of which 15 were mages, 2 were banes, and one prophet bat. I had 30 merc longbowmen, 50 merc ghouls, 40 odd flying demons, mostly beast bats, and about 90 bats proper. I had a …PLETHORA of blood slaves and gems.

@kelan defended with a 4 gygjas( nature and death gems), three partially equipped Niefel Jarls, a hero (huntress), a bane, and for troops he had 12 ice drakes, 11 niefel giants, 13 Draugs, and about 50 assorted jotuns, plus 33 units of province defense (I assume this is a standard 25 PD?)?

My plan was to drown them in Imps which, with Iron bane, Blood Lust, and Darkness, would be able to make them actually do damage to the jotuns. Sprinkle in some Agony castings, and a Hellbind Heart or two for spice. ( Note the requires Alt 6 and Blood 5 or so. If you are reading this, and have not gotten to those levels or more in a couple magic schools, which I got even though I got a horrific start, you need to double down on your research). In addition, I had seen how deadly the ice drakes were against the Jinn. So I devoted my best units with the best morale to attack rear to take them out.

@Kelan 's plan was to stay close together, spam out Swarm, Summon Lamastas, and let the cold do the work.

Lets just say, his plan worked better than mine.
Good news! - the ice drakes are dead. And only 2 mages died. One of his Skrattis died.
Bad news! - the cream of my summoned devils are dead. Oh, and the ko-onis trudged slowly through the snow, suffered a minus 3 to hit because of the Order in the province, and were worthless.
More bad news! I did summon a lot of imps…but they either took out the 4 Lammastas that were summoned, or beat ineffectually on the giants.

The bulk of the kills came from the 12 Ice drakes (54), and the 3 Niefel Jarls (56). If it weren’t for those two elements, I think it would have been different.

Suffice to say, I am glad that my pretender, who would have entered the battle with 10% of her hit points, stayed one province away.

(not really sure how to screen shot and post stuff? I dont have drop box or whatever).


If it’s any consolation @Akaoni you did swipe the Master Assassin from me. I had plans for him. Actually, it’s kinda silly. I bought the Assassin to cause trouble with Rus in our short war, but when it ended, I had another use for him. The last land province I took, I decided to just assassinate most of the indy commanders. It wasn’t really necessary, but I was then going to extend that thinking and use it against the throne commanders.

Similarly, if I’d known Xibalba (edit: Niefelheim) was doing so well on the defence, I wouldn’t have held back taking the UW provinces. But I thought I’d give Kelan a few turns to enjoy any possible benefit from the water. But then there’s Ubar cleaning up instead. Ah well, I can share with my ethereal neighbours :)

And finally, if the game would kindly stop giving me events that see me losing gold each turn, that would be great. Really threw my plans into disarray last couple of turns.

Nothing like finding out your research target is a national only spell available only to a nation that you are not playing.

yeah, so that’s a thing I did.


thats why i like to test to make sure i can reach my goals. I really dont like finding out 50 turns in that what i really needed was a ES path magician to create the booster i need to get to my target.

I like testing extensively, being assured that I will usually start out in a specific location (which I did), and next to Rus (which I did) and Fomoria ( which I did not). Instead I was stuck next to an existential threat that was quite vividly shown as such in the lucidtactics videos I watched on this nation.

Did anything happen? I havent had a chance to watch it, and wont till about 12 hrs from now.

I’d love to be able to tell you, but once again, my faithful scouts got sniped.

well, you can upload directly to the forum now, as long as the image is a reasonable size (<2mb i think). Typically i just do screenshot and then edit/crop in paint. If you really wanted to get fancy and spend no money, you could use gimp i suppose (i assume its still around, gimp was awesome for what you paid for it), but i rarely needed to edit my shots that much. Gimp was certainly better though when i was doing complex battle reports because they were often longer than one page and needed to be stitched together, and paint is not so good at that. Anyways, thanks for the details, i wish i’d have seen that one…

You guys seem to be having so much fun! I have no idea what’s happening, but all the Super Sekrit Codes are fun to read. :-)

I really should figure out how not to suck at D5. :-)

Why bother figuring that out? I’m playing, after all.

But you’re smarter than me!

I suppose no one can post a map of the current game state, because of fog of war and such?