Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

Oooo, diddn’t think you could see the Rune of Air, I believe its time for war declarations hehe.

Not normally. What I did do is a scrying spell a few turns earlier on that province, wondering where your troops got to, and that spell reveals sites of magic power you’ve found too. A site that also gives +4 air gems per turn sounds nice, and more than likely a blitz target for me :-)

If you were a little more patient, I would have been set to tackle that throne in a few turns once I reached a research goal.

glad you guys resolved that, cause honestly, when arrows start falling from the sky, generally everyone and their brother looks over towards me…

I wonder who will be the first to post a map for the peanut gallery! Yes yes, I know, you can’t because you’re all guarding state secrets, preserving national security, maintaining fog of war, hiding bears, stockpiling bats, yadda yadda, I get all that. Maybe you could blur out the good bits? :)

Sorry, i got all tied up with stuff today and yesterday and needed to extend. I should be able to get my turn in tonite…

Ok, all caught up and my turn’s about to be submitted - turns out i wouldve made it in time, but it wouldve been close.

So, all bravoso and bullshit aside, I was really curious what occurred there outside your capital. But then i realized that the commander you captured didnt go to the capital, but to the province i attacked and so, that’s kinda where all the confusion came in. But man oh man, what a nice province! Just the turn before i was wondering where all your gem income was coming from, given that my haul on your territories to date has been…meager. But then I discover that little gem factory! The only thing it isn’t producing is slaves - have you blood searched it yet? Wow, just wow. And that ifrit warrior is quite a unit too! THat’s like 600g flying around (times 2!) - i’d definitely be careful with it…

You had me afraid to open the turn.

Yeah. Asking me to play a nation with flying SC’s was kind of like catnip.

I thought you were interested in coming out to play, but it looks like all you have left is commander-less beasts.

Oh and to Rus, Thank you! I will get started on your return.

Ya, i mean you killed 3 raider commanders that are common summons - no biggie. Everything is going exactly according to plan - you think i’m going to meet you in the desert outside your base in the middle of summer? Winter is coming, my friend…

Alright, getting ready for round 2 on Neifel…get your scouts ready…

You aren’t even going to want my capitol by the time you are all done with the 500 Blights and other crap you all keep throwing at it.

To the person that sent me in game messages this turn… to speed things up a bit! No, I can’t forge that item for you… my construction is still at 0! Some are making artifacts and I never got off 0!

As for the other request, send me targets this turn and I will see what I can do!

Wow, such an INTERESTING turn.

  • @kelan you and I both know that if the bats lay off the gas even a little bit, Niefel comes back into play, and that is an existential threat. You are too good of a player to allow me any slack.

  • Poor Ubar now has quite a few armies roaming around his lands. Not only is there a massive 400 odd army of birds, but Formoria is sitting pretty with a kitted out prophet and a “we are here for show only, Bres does all the work” army. What would be really funny is if Caelum and Fomoria bump into each other while looking for Ubar.

  • I still haven’t been able to break out the popcorn in the Ermor / Rus conflict, but maybe my scout bats just haven’t seen it? It could just be a sham worked out by both of them to talk about fighting, and merely just continue to build up.

I think we both sent too many people into the ocean to start with.
Wish i could see what the Mystic Arrows were doing, hard to tell how good they are on this end(I don’t see the little fights like I would with an assassin).

My armies seem to be missing a key piece…but I will have to see if Ermor is also missing a key piece.

Added 48 hrs cause it’s getting close, and i hate worrying about it

Oh, I’m good, I’ll get it in

Only a spell that’s ‘nice to have’ but not necessary.

this seems like a good messenger service

sure, send 'em through!

Artifacts? I have not seen artifacts yet. Perhaps I should examine my battle reports more closely.

We’re halfway to Armageddon and only one globals up? Just Mother Oak from Pan? That’s just weird.

I will be interested in reading AAR’s from this.

They may not be something you want! ;)