Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

I’d read that book ;)

Mmmm. I wish i had a better summon to blow all these gems on- would be awesome if I happened to have a 3 air national summon in remote provinces.

I do know when I lose my main town I will concede and give up to AI, as if there is one thing I have learned, its that you don’t want to stay in the game as a weird tiny water province nation with 3 provinces just wasting turns. Either way I feel like I did okay :D and had a lot of fun in this, but I do hope to see the tales of cataclysm!

Although I still don’t understand Thugs it seems, ouch lost mine to a horse charge.

You were definitely a thorn… :-)

Your thug had no chance against my sacreds. They are very strong, and especially when there’s nothing blocking their lance charge.

For what it is worth, your seeking arrows killed two national heroes; the first was my Pontifex Maximus who I had plans for when he arrived. He died with some relatively expensive gear equipped (it doesn’t look like dominions puts equipped gear into the inventory with remote attacks). The second then killed my H4 hero Innocentius. Two turns in a row, and with all the other chaff present, and I lost those two. The third arrow hit a valuable Augur Elder and killed him too. Those arrows gave you some serious value.

I think I’ll have more to say later, but you maybe chose the wrong player to poke. If you just waited a few more turns, I’d probably have wiped myself against a throne and been ripe for invasion then.

Please don’t put yourself AI.

yes i agree with pyrhic @ThornFalconeye … the QT3 DOM MP tradition is to play it out :)

I think the message was thorn will go ai once the cap falls?? Besides there’s a pretty good army still there that will cause me problems. And who knows what a stray seeking arrow could achieve.

The assumption is I will go for the cap. My interest is thrones. Like I said earlier, everything is negotiable. And if @ThornFalconeye wants to stay in game I’ll gladly give back cap ring and other territories that let him do stuff while cataclysm hits. The concession is just not attacking me from here on out.

I have like 4 water provinces, and was going to go AI when I lost my land provinces. In one dominions 3 match I ended up being in the final 4 nations…as a land nation with 3 water provinces, doing nothing for 20 turns(no capital, just a water fort). I was saving up minor resources and ended up essentially doing nothing but wasting time as people still waited for me for turns.

I did convert all of my gems into an army at this point, with my capital still here, so expect a bang!

Something tells me that @Evil_Steve forgot to submit his turn…

I predict his excuses will be:

  1. Rum
  2. Dropbears
  3. Crazed Matildas
  4. Pondering how many Lamia Queens can fit on the back of a Manticore.


i’ll get it in! just been struck, as the final days of the world’s longest lockdown comes to a close, by eye strain, so avoiding the computer for a bit! also a tricky turn!

My, that got right interesting real quick…

For months now, nay years, people have been saying “Pan is gonna come and eat your chicks”, and what dya know? Maybe Pan is gonna come and eat my chicks…

Oh my, Pan HAS been busy.

well i did still manage to kill my own heroes with wrong orders and poison, and in my haste to get the turn in forgot a lot of other things too! so i think the chicks are ok.

do LIKE ravenous swarm though. never cast it before. this is why i love dominions still after all these years…always something new.

i’m sure my arse will get bitten next turn

Dang it, all my scouts are hanging out in Ubar lands.

Anyone care to tell the clueless bat what happened? Its not like Pan to kill off its own heroes…

@Pyrhic I’ll do my best to get my turns in, but I might need some time over the next week. It would be bad for me to stale. I’m traveling and my schedule is tight.

@dfs of course, just let me know what you need/when you need it.

see, told you your chicks were safe :) hasty decisions (or lack of) in the previous turn came back to haunt me.

a Dom5 mystery to me continues to be who moves where first: i’m sure there’s a manual chapter somewhere, but i’ve always been an ‘on the fly’ kinda guy, so it will continue to remain a mystery

back to the drawing board

So… Caelum, Lord of the Cold Peaks, Master of the Frigid Breezes, casts… ETERNAL PYRE? FIRE GEMS??
This game is very strange.
And yes, to answer your unasked question, I have considered the ramifications of plunging the world into eternal darkness, but that would take about seven turns or so to get to. The death gems, of course, are not an issue.
I am just amazed that I am not the only fire user (besides Ubar of course) that is in this game.

Remote spell movement first/battles. Then movement from friendly territory to friendly territory. Breaking siege happens after the friendly movement phase. Then movement from friendly to unfriendly territory. Then castle storming.

The order on ties I think used to be based on nation number, but now it is random? Eg: resolution of battle when two opposing armies hit the same indy province. It would be that Ermor would go first, then Pangea because Ermor had the lower nation number. But I suspect that has since changed.

Another useful tip that I remember reading about, maybe on these forums, is that the order of messages when you open a turn is based on turn order.

Maybe the IPA’s were freezing (and being ruined) and they need just a little bit of warmth for that deliciousness to flow down their throats.