Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

This game is quite surprising, thats for sure. It looks like Ubar will suffer a slow, agonizing death of one province a turn taken from him? Or at least thats what my scouts show.

And where have all the cow- Manticores gone?

Kind of surprised Rus AI had actual forces, unless you are underwater.

he is, and it was, lol. Besides, the above-ground kelp fortresses are quickly and readily dismantled for nori

Hey there Fomoria, just a little thing i saw, but did you notice your prophet is diseased and has only 3 more months to live? Plus he’s got a full kit of gear and no visible commanders with slots he can pass that off to before he expires. You might have enough time to get him back to a fort if you turn him around now, or you can send out another commander to meet up with him and exchange his stuff.

Yes, I think I’ll be able to make the trade, but I did notice that. Damned wells of pestilence! Just a silly, stupid thing that happened on the way to the forum.

Once again a large army on Ubar’s cap. And once again I wonder “what is the sense in all of this?”

Wow, talk about misunderstanding messages. @pyrhic , I thought you were talking gold, when you were talking province numbers.

lol, i was wondering what was going on. so does that mean we don’t have a deal?

We have a deal, 2 prov for 2 prov, and the favor.

Man, that throne by you is sure to be a treat. Did you happen to notice that almost every unit is either horror-marked or diseased (or both)?

Yeah, the Shattered Throne. I am in SUCH A HURRY to attack it…
Oh, I think they are cursed as well.
Seriously, when turn 91 rolls around, that Throne is going to be visited by a Doom Horror or five, so I am not to concerned about claiming it.

So Fire Royalty… gone.

King of Banefires… gone (seriously! I had my heart set on that guy).

Oh, I’m sure the Air Queens and Earth Kings are gone too.

And don’t bother with the Water Queens. I mean, given my dominance of the water provinces, that was about the only scraps I could get.

Is everyone’s research on overdrive or is mine just woefully low?

Was it akaoni that once said “Not saying all the elemental royalty are out there, but…”

Well, no use lying about it, i obviously have the fire royalty. Remember that mistake i mentioned upthread a bit? That’s where I thought there were three fire royalty and spent a bunch of gems summoning the triplet to go with my pair. Worst part about it was when the initial failure report came in, i took that to mean someone else had beaten me to the third. It was only thinking about it later, and then doing some research, that i uncovered my nefarious plot to screw myself.

I think literally it was last turn, i took a good hard look at casting your global. I even had it queued up, but then changed my mind figuring I’d rather have an earth royalty. Glad i made that choice if i got the last one…

While we’re being all social and all, i did happen to see some arch-devils flying around, so it looks like everyone’s fixing for a party sometime soon…

SOME Arch devils? How rude of you, sir, to only see some of my finest flying firey fierce friends !

Based on the number of scouts I got this turn, some of you should have seen a lot.

Did Fomoria at least get the air queens? If not, I know where they are, and that’s not in the City of Brass.

I’m gonna get so crushed.

Nonsense, @pyrhic always saves the newbies for dessert.

Yeah it was easy to guess you had the fire royalty. A gem generator giving 20 fire gems per turn makes it very easy/obvious. The king of benefited though?? Who? There’s only two nations I can think of deserving of that guy - ea Ermor and EA/LA C’Tis. Hmmm. Maybe Sauromatia too.

Riches from beneath not really exciting me right now. Yeah a small bump up, but worth the gems? Hmmm. Maybe not.

Also I’m in a weird spot right now where I’ve lost wifi access at the unit I’m residing in so relying on phone. Should be able to sort it out, or worst case walk over to the University to redownload turn and submit. But if you’re waiting for me, maybe extend. But I think I can sort it out. But brief message cause I hate using my phone for this stuff.

I will need extra time please pyrhic. Try for 48hrs

yup, done

Thank you pyrhic. I ended up tethering my phone, and was dismayed when Steam wanted to update. 1MB/sec download speed, and a 125MB update. Thank goodness I can load Dominions directly without going through Steam. By the time I finished my turn, the update completed.

Also, why do I get the very distinct feeling there will be a sudden ending to this game?