Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

not yet, but ain’t nobody getting enough thrones till subtraction starts.

I did get that spring hawk throne this turn. I think you would have liked it too

Also, why do I get the very distinct feeling there will be a sudden ending to this game?

Can you elaborate on this? Right now, I feel that the game will stale until very near the end of the game, I guess circa 80.

I sense there’s considerable moving and shuffling just below the theoretical water line.

I’m more concerned about flighty beings in the sky above!

@pyrhic Sorry. Daughter just left. I think I’ll get it in on time, but 24 hours would make me breathe easier.

(I think I’ll be out of this in a couple of turns anyway and don’t want it to be because I messed up my orders.)

no worries, will add it in a sec

thank you. Next weekend could be bad, but I should be good from here out.

For all of you watching at home, heres the situation:
Pan ( Evil Pan) and Fomoria ( kol-b…Fo…I cant come up with a joke name about airy cyclops and a name that sounds like a cracker, sorry) have wrapped up Ubar ( run by Damn [email protected]&$king Shame) and have an army on Ubars cap. WHO KNOWS what will happen when Pan comes a knocking.
Caelum continues to summon all things Caelum-like, has at least one Earth King, 2 Fire Kings, and
possibly Air Queens?
Errrrr more Aussie drinking casually wiped out a throne with minimal casualties, and is the King Under the Sea…eerrrrr, more like Queen(s).
Bats continue to blood hunt, bring out your dead, and Archly act like the Devil is snapping his whip at our researchers. Who suck. (only a few vampires, get it?)

So…its quiet. Real quiet. If I didnt know any better, I would say that I am going to void all agreements with the batty nation, effective turn 81, so we can get in at least ten good turns of WTF WAS THAT before the cataclysm hits.
But I should reflect, ponder, and muse upon this decision.
Advice from the peanut gallery is requested.

Great news. We have no outstanding agreements. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Once I took that neutral province this turn, I think all agreements were fulfilled.

@Evil_Steve - I have taken a hard look at the state of my gems. And I have to say that I cannot afford the item in question. Sorry…

no probs :)

I should mention that at this point, we are past the point of rollbacks. So please please please, if you can’t get your turn in, or just suspect you wont be able to, just let me know and i’ll extend it. The current turn cycle is in the middle of the night for me, so it’s been difficult keeping tabs on it. The last turn i meant to extend it before i went to bed, because two people weren’t in yet with less than 6 hours to go, and i forgot about it. I woke up and that was literally my first thought - fuck, i forgot to extend the turn, and someone’s certainly staled. Thankfully you both got your turns in. It’s been a good game, and remarkable for the fact that no one’s staled - let’s keep it that way! Thanks!

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Don’t stress with my turns. I’m home proper now, and my lateness this time was only a result of completing other jobs through the day. I pretty much know now where I’ll be in advance, short of some perilous event happening.

Hm, still not sure who I am rooting for to win. Probably Akaoni as a buddy newer player- gooo Bats!

Or whoever gets the most hilarious events from the Cataclysm!

@Evil_Steve if you are trying to confuse me sir then you have succeeded.

Not me?

Oh, that’s not akaoni. You’re wanting to root for kolbex then. Akaoni is a grizzled veteran of many campaigns, and his bats need no encouragement from anyone.

Message paid for by the Caelum are the good guys here foundation for truth in advertising

You can root for me all you want but I am not winning shit.

I’ve got 'em just where I want 'em.