Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

Ooo. More pretender choices, I have played with the mod before, but never messed with Independent site difficulty.

Are we playing with graphs enabled?

Nah, I believe graphs are off (score off in the settings above). What ends up happening is pyrhic spends too much time tracking score changes in an excel spreadsheet and less time scheming, plotting and defending against Akaoni.

that’s not entirely true - my excel tool was pretty efficient and didn’t really require much additional effort to maintain, allowing me more time to analyze and plot and defend against Akaoni.

But yes, scores are disabled. However, there are spells, items and sites that can enable it for your nation if you either plan for it or lucky enough to encounter.

I’m probably going to need a few days to finalize my decision: in a surprising turn of events, dfs actually gave me some interesting choices instead of the 3 flavors of Abyssia I figured I was going to get. Meanwhile, test 3 today ended abruptly when i learned that my chassis was immobile. And not like, a little immobile but could otherwise move with a spell or an item, but more like, this will never ever move. Ever. Which really wasn’t what i was looking for in that pretender. Pity too, cause otherwise he was great.

Yes, please believe that I am a diabolically cunning opponent. Thats going to be my only defense, I fear. Because the rust on my Dominions helmet is staggering. I am seriously considering naming my pretender The Exterminator, because I am so very efficient at killing off bats. I dont think any of my test games have gotten past the first year before I have given up in disgust.
I am going to have to come up with something here soon that works, or I will be wishing I was running Yomi instead.

Is Snerdryn definitely the map? I don’t have an opinion but I know a couple others were floated.

Snerdryn is such an awful name, apropos of nothing. Almost the exact opposite of “cellar door.”

good point - i’ve felt it adequate, and i’ve played it before, but i’m not beholden to it. Try the others out and let us know how you feel?

what about random events being common? it’s a no-brainer that luck 3 is going to be a common choice, but it makes the game somewhat lucky? should they not be less common, and you can spend points trying to make them more common?

I’m sorry all, I missed my window to do tests yesterday and both today and tomorrow are spoken for. I should have some time to run tests this weekend and will decide between Ubar and Berytos then.

FWIW I’m a fan of leaving graphs on. I think it improves the nature of discourse in forum woofing about the game. That said, it’s not my game and I’m glad to abide by your rules.

sure, that sounds fine to me

cool. should make it more interesting. thanks

There’s no reason why we can’t just make up our own arbitrary graphs though :-) Propaganda is key after all.

Indeed! My test games have gone so poorly I only have 4-5 provinces all the time at the end of year 1!

The thing I hate the most is my test games go well and my online games end up really bad in comparison.

Imagine my surprise in one test game just now where the second province gifted to me from game settings was the Great Gold Mine. Yeah, that’s an extra 100/turn gold which is huge right from the start, especially in this game type. On top of that, second turn I ended up with a hero knocking on the gates. Then on turn three, another hero.

heh, i know what you mean. I just got two staves of elemental mastery and a winged helm…

On other things, i’ve been playing with another map: Dozenrealm water: Steam Workshop::Dozenrealm v1.01 - Water

and it’s been pretty good, and despite it being a little larger, i think i prefer it to snerdryn - it has more caves for xibalda and some more terrain to suit pan and niefel among others. I’ve also been playing with starting with 3 provinces, so give that a try too…

I keep changing my pretender design. I can’t fit in everything I want! I wish you could make a game that allows like 3-400 more design points!

ya, in my last test game i blazed into mid game with a rush only to come to a dead stop: I can’t really do anything here

…and its back to the drawing board…

The worst thing that is getting me is I have to spend over 200 gold for any mage to research, and with 50% gold that is brutal! And they are also my cheapest blood hunters? Probably not happening!

Oh, and they are not sacred! Curse of this Wylde Ride! Last test game with 3 starting provinces on the new map pyrhic mentioned had a shaman NS and Jade Sorc WN as my extra 2 provinces. Chances of that happening on a real game is pretty slim!

I think anyone doing blood this game would be crazy.

Also, if I touch the death scales, would that put a target on my back? Not saying I would, though it would be thematic given Ermor’s trajectory through the ages. But if there’s no gold, then there’s no gold ya know.

there may be little gold, but there are lots of bones…

i think being undead in a game where life is so expensive makes a target on your back regardless, so death scale up with impunity! (or the same impunity as if not death scaling up)