Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

WOOHOO! It’s not me this time!

Extended 48 for @Kolbex

Ah, fuck, I kept meaning to get to it, but after Gloomhaven I was so tired I went to bed and forgot. My friends can only play quite late.

Gloomhaven is an awesome tough game that I dabble in every so often. Not sure I like all the cards for the rock guy, but hes better off than the brute.

I love Mindthief. Not for the power, mind, but


How can you say no to that sweet little face?

Lots of teeth to brush there. Haven’t played with that one yet, perhaps soon. My group of 4 get through …most of the encounters…but the brute usually does a face plant in the last room.

woah, lot to take in there that turn - 3 golems, 2 wraith lords? Of course, hard not to notice father illearth creepy creeping. And of course, ubar’s not quite exactly dead yet (though we knew it wasn’t - there were still those outlying troops making their way in when the capital fell). And a couple globals go up, and a global goes down. And Sir Bartleby is back, and he kept his name!

There’s a third wraith lord too, but he didn’t take part in the attacks this turn.

I keep forgetting to make a flying carpet for Father Illearth, so the creepy creepy might continue.

Well I am certainly breaking out the popcorn for this turn! Should be a very interesting fight on the shores of the mountains!
I just hope that I have the scouts in the right places for it…

I’m done my turn but I want to have a look again in the morning in case I missed anything, and also to give some final thoughts about something I’m planning to do…

Since ermor isn’t in and i’m headed to bed, i added the standard 48.

Gonna be a big turn folks.

Yeah my turn is mostly done. I wanted to check a couple of things over without being rushed tonight.

It’d be so much easier if you’d just Dunkirk your way out of that fort you know…

which fort?

The one nearest the former Rus borders. Huge number of troops appeared that turn, like damn. I thought I had a chance, but now I don’t know.

Not sure why you want that one, it leads no where, and no i’m not abandoning it.

Hmmm…that gives me an idea.

Curse you and your ideas. Now you know I’m not going to sleep tonight.

That fort does lead to your capital though. It exerts a particular sort of land control that puts me in easy reach should an astral mage open a gateway from point A that leads to point B you see.

Or maybe this is all a bluff and really I’m diverting your attention from what might be happening elsewhere? Like… ?

my idea had me perusing reddit where i found this:

it made me laugh

My turn is in.

General query, if anyone wants to add their own 2 cents. Is it worth turning off quickhost?

Also, if I win this game, I’m seriously gonna buy myself a bottle of gin to celebrate. While I live in a town renown for its rum, there’s this other distillery around the corner pretty much (literally leave street, round-about, round-about) that makes gin.

Reading through that reddit thread. Can I just say that a no-magic strat would make the game absolutely boring.

I was pleasantly happy when casting the hidden in sands spell by the way :)

I do like these wild ride games. One thing I’ve always struggled with in default settings is the gem cost of summons vs using them. Some summons are easy, like the elemental royalty. But even a fire drake which costs 6 fire gems to bring to life. Like they’re good (even killing my sacreds that Evil_Steve warned about) but are they six fire gems good? Having the increased gem sites really helps reduce the mental overhead about summoning such a unit that can be easily killed.

In short, gems are just too rare in default dominions, and that’s a hill I’m happy to die on.

Hidden in sands and snow are two of those spells where they’re so expensive and such a damn diceroll that i rarely ever cast them.

When you lose this game, you should buy yourself that gin and then drink and think about why you ever thought attacking caelum was a good idea :)

Because if he didn’t attack you, you were going to attack him?