Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

i think being undead in a game where life is so expensive makes a target on your back regardless, so death scale up with impunity! (or the same impunity as if not death scaling up)


Calling me Batty already, I see…
Unfortunately, Xibalba kind of needs to do some blood hunting, at least for some good low level sacreds. Otherwise expansion is even more painful.

My original choice was to not do blood because its too complicated, let alone if its more difficult with the settings. I am liking the lower income because it leads to less micromanagement errors of me due to lots of mages researching and whatnot!

@pyrhic , the notes for the Dozen realm say

There are 12 preset throne provinces on land, spread evenly. You may use more thrones - no extra thrones will appear nearby or at most chokepoints which lead in a single direction anyways. Using fewer thrones is not advised.

What does that mean for your 8 throne settings?

probably means i need to open up the map and have a look around

I wonder if it is worth looking at MapNuke and creating a random map based on our nations selected? It provides thematic starts, can increase prevalence of special terrain features, and depending on water nations, we can do stuff like have smaller water bodies as opposed to large contiguous lakes.

The downside of MapNuke is that the provinces are grid-like in arrangement. Also, it doesn’t look like there’s a way to generate a specific number of thrones short of assigning them in either the editor with mapnuke, or in game. And I don’t know if they all wrap-around, but it looks like they are NS/EW wrap around given the connections. I’d have to play more with it. And of course, there’s full knowledge of where everyone starts… That’s a problem in itself I’ll admit.

Having just generated a map, I see Pangea has two forests surrounding it’s starting space, Xibalba starts in a cave, with a cave next to it and thrones are evenly spaced across the map.

I hadn’t seen it before, and it’s interesting, but I dont think viable. East/West scrolling is the biggest problem in my mind as it negatively impacts player interaction

It might be rash, but I’m going to attempt Ubar. I still need significant practice with the nation, but it does have it’s charms.

The maps are full wraparound using MapNuke. It only took a second to check (I was lazy-ish last night). Downside, yeah, knowing where everyone’s capitals would be. That can be fixed by deleting the specstart data, but then you’re relying on the game to choose the best spot which may not always be ideal for certain nations.

Well, i don’t love it, but I haven’t tried to make it work. If you have one you’ve tested and like, maybe upload it so we can give it a shot?

I have been liking Dodozen Water(link in original post) though, and it’s currently my favorite. I like how there’s some clusters of mountains and caves for neifel and xibalba, and i think there’s an deserty area for ubar to play around in. I’ve tried the dodozen islands and didn’t like it as much (it exchanges the 2 deep water in each sea for 2 islands).

I think i like and prefer the 3 province start (upped from 2) and i like the change from common events to rare (less random all over the place). There’s still a few things i want to try though, and i’ve also only gone through about 1.5 of my nations so far. The two that i’ve tried are very different (well, duh), but noticeably have different paths as they exit the beginning game and very different usage of money. So we’re probably at least a week away from putting the game up…just so allyall know…

Also in this last play through, xibalba wardeced me around round 10, so i loled at that…

Would you all have more success with Late Age Settings, where populations and resources are much higher?

It might be difficult to port all those EA nations to LA though.

Na, early age is best for wilde. It’s just more figuring out the map and ensuring nations can get off to a viable start.

I had a fun test run where i ran into some ko-oni’s in a cave. I had like 4x their number and was like, cute, little 10hp demons I’ll wipe them. Ya, you gotta be careful with demons in caves that turn ethereal when you kill them when you’re using starting troops, lol…

You do have the cool indies in EA, but if gold/resources where the issue, you would have more of it in LA.

You could do Ubar, but with Crossbows!

I had a berry start with a level 3 throne, 80 heavy cav, elephants, two water provinces and my starting extra province as my capitol ring. Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

Nah, not overly pushing mapnuke, just an option I thought I’d throw out if there were issues around finding an appropriate map. I had a quick look with dozenrealm myself and I’m fine with it. Well any map really because in the end, all you guys will find on the map are little Ermor flags as we reside over an empire of bones and dust (and maybe even our own bones).

I read that as man puke.

Carry on.

i’ve had a look at dozenrealm. my only comment is the larger number of potential provinces per player?

In the sample games I’ve run on dozenrealms it seems like I’ve almost always been next door to somebody or even a couple somebodies.

I must be REALLY rusty. I have yet to adjust my Tin Foil Hat of Dominions Paranoia (Construction 2, 5 beers, any type). I actually believed, for a minute, @Kelan and @dfs bemoaning how they were barely able to expand and immediately ran into other players. Niefel Giants and Ubar super Jinn…unable to expand…just let me put this hat on… ah yes.
LIES, I TELL YOU!! Each one of them is really saying, " Gee, I wasn’t able to fully crush my neighbor under my huge Frozen Ax of Limb Lopping/blazing hot Scimitar of Doom Casting within the first ten turns. Woe is me. "

Do not buy into the propaganda. Only the True Word of the Bat Network News will steer you right!

For instance, I don’t hear @Strato complaining about his Ermor praetors commanding bones, or @Evil_Steve complaining about hordes of naked women. Well…maybe we know why @Evil_Steve is quiet.

Seriously I can’t get more than 20 provinces in the first year with these guys. I think this nation is under powered.