Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

This is NOT GOOD. I find myself checking this board once an hour to see what @Kolbex has responded with. The Dom 5 bug has bit again!

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. I looked at this when I was in the middle of something else and then it slipped my mind. I’m gonna go with Fomoria, but I feel like I’m gonna need a little help picking 3 for the next guy because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Heh. So you picked Fomoria, which is a good faction to pick. I think. Ask the other users for advice for the 3 factions to pick for me. In particular, ask @Kelan and @pyrhic , since I pick for Kelan, and pyrhic thinks I attack him in every game ( I only attack because I want to stop the winner, which is usually pyrhic).
@strato might also have some good ideas, since I have gamed with him a couple years ago.

@Kolbex I will only supply you with one nation, lest I supply you with more and you choose all three and then @Akaoni descends on me in his wrath. I mean, he will still almost undoubtedly descend on me with his wrath, but at least now I stand a chance of it being just his latent wrath rather than his focused wrath.

The nation i would choose is one that is related to his namesake, a hard nation, but a fun one, particularly for this venture. I would offer you offer him the choice of Yomi, Oni Kings. They have noodles. They have rice. They have fish. They also have Ogres and Demons. They pretty much have everything in their sandbox anyone would like to have.Oh, and little goblins with arrows! They have that, too.

I’ve also added the pretenders 3.0 mod(link in original post) to the testing (use 3.0 as i couldn’t the the newer 3.1 to work). I was playing with rus and pretty annoyed that I couldnt find a chassis to do what i wanted to do. I’ll run several more tests with it before coming to any conclusion, but i invite you all to test with it to and give me your feedback.

Given @Akaoni loves to party, and with all the wild women that flock, no doubt demanding more IPA’s, I’m sure Pangea would be a solid 2nd choice!

As a bit of a follow up question, is it worth us more experienced players maybe listing nations we’ve played before to help guide the choosing process and/or given an idea of play-style? For instance, there’s no way in hell do I want to play Mictlan again because I’m just sick of them, and any pool that includes that I’d immediately discard that nation.

I like the Snerdryn map, so that works for me.

So no CBM? That is fine, but I just have to remember to turn it off since we used it the last couple.

I will have to get the Enhanced Pretenders 3.0 added and will check my test builds to see how it looks.

For a nation, hmm… I have good memories of T’ien Ch’i, but they are also Heat/Cold neutral like the other suggestions. They have sacred mages and some fun summons to play with.

Hmm. My first inclination is to go with Yomi. However, they get a 25% gold reduction. That, on top of the settings that already reduce money by 50%, plus I am pretty sure you need to take Turmoil scales, means they are effectively unplayable.
So, that leaves it to Tien Chi and Pan. Of the 2, I have played TC a few years ago, a game that saw pretty much nothing but defense in a 3 vs 1 (Lanka, Marverni, and I think Pythium, if I remember correctly).
Which leaves Pan. Naked wild women and IPAs? SIGN ME UP!
@Kelan- he excels at the BBBs (Birds, Bats, and Blood). So I am looking at slow armored nations with no blood.
Pick from:

Oh, well…I was going to take those things “under advisement,” but really it’s all good! Keep things moving…

Oops. Did I move too quickly? Feel free to give me 3 choices, @Kolbex, no worries.



Actually, i’m going to back this up a bit - @Kelan is correct, TC is an invalid pick because it’s the same temperature scales as the other two. So @Kolbex, you need to choose a valid third (or, given the rationale @Akaoni has made, you can change the other two offerings as well, if you like) before Akaoni can select.

@Strato Sure, i guess you can mention nations that you wouldn’t pick or nations that suit your play style, or even just your play style. But i don’t think it should be mandatory.

@Kelan No CBM for now, unless someone wants to argue for it.

Ok, I’ll pick three! Mulling now.

Ok, @Akaoni:


I think that satisfies the requirements?

Would have been good, but Rus was the first pick! :)

Damn it, I even scrolled back through buy wasn’t meticulous enough. Curse you, memory!

Pelagia, then?

Ok, bats (Xibalba), cave monsters (Agartha) and Pelagia (underwater something). I think Xibalba is heat.
I will decide shortly…

Well, I see enough pale, almost blind sub humans at work, and underwater isn’t really my thing. So I will go with Xilbala, and will probably name my pretender Bruce Wayne.

I think my picks for @Kelan can still be viable, if @pyrhic agrees.

yup, those picks are valid. @Kelan to choose.

And please remember, unpicked nations go back into the potential pick pool.