Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

EA Xibalba is one of my favorite all time nations! I think they will be tough with the half income, but probably still a lot of fun. Almost every nation is tough with 50% income!

I will try a nation I haven’t played since Dom 2 when it was the first one I ever learned and my favorite back then, Niefelheim!

I am not sure I can get a blood economy off the ground at all with super expensive blood mages let alone even hire any giants at all, but I am willing to go outside my comfort zone and give it a shot. A nice side benefit is bats hate the cold and it is bitter cold around here, @Akaoni !

Let me see if I can find some nations for our next victim, err player.

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I hear he really fancies Mictlan ;)

Whew, people all “confident” with their choices.

The only thing i’m happy about (and actually, happy is understating it) is that Xibalba is off the board for me! Man, i hate that nation…

Ok, here we go! I hope these work out okay, @Strato :

For cold, Cold +1 Ulm
For heat, Heat +2 Kailasa
For neutral, Ermor

Hopefully that gives a balance of some different types to try for, varying magic paths and troop types. If you really want a water nation, which I didn’t provide, feel free to consider R’lyeh, if that is ok.

Glad I placed Kelan where i did - he’s far too nice for the denizens beneath @Strato

It was certainly on the short list for you. Too bad.

Oooh, I’ve got some good picks! If anyone wants to interject and provide some banter to send me one way or another, please do so. I’ll think for an hour or two and provide my pick. Then I can try and be as evil as Evil Steve.

So, we’re not going to be going with the whole “tell me what you like to play and I’ll see how I can accommodate you” relationship, are we?

Well, i certainly know which one of those I’d pick!

Sure. Tell me what you like to play and I’ll see how I can accommodate you. Sure.

That’s cool then! Well, i have been really hankering to play Pan recently, so there you go!

You know, I’ve changed my mind 3 times today! I hate Dominions I’ve decided.

I’m going to be boring and pick Ermor. I haven’t played them in Dom 5, and I think they would be a great inclusion in any magic rich gameplay that the wild ride delivers.

Truth be told, earlier, I was going to say Ulm because they’re born to be wild(people). But they are sorely deficient in the magic I’ve decided.

So, my thoughts for the pool for Evil_Steve is something with strong magic. You can pick between:

  1. Caelum - birds gone wild!

  2. Pangea - girls gone wild!

  3. R’lyeh - brains gone wild!

@Evil_Steve , in case you aren’t watching

oooo, ok onto it. me looky

me Caelum (it’s been a long time…)



would it be TERRIBLE if I change my mind on my choice? Caelum’s not doing it for me on a futz, so if youse are all cool, maybe i’ll take Pan? no worries if it is a terrible thing to do :)

I’m fine with it. I think that goes for anyone else too - if your chosen nation isn’t doing it for you and you want to branch out, so long as your other choices haven’t been claimed, you may select them.

@dfs, you’re up.

Btw, i was considering ruling against Berytos and Oceania as they’re both water(y), but looking at Berytos a little more I felt it was sufficiently grounded to qualify, but if anyone disagrees I’d be willing to hear their reasoning why its not a valid choice for the pool.

I think Berytos is entirely reasonable. I’ll accept Oceania as a possible pick. I would take them in a minute if it weren’t for the map. Pelagia should probably be off limits.

I’ll need a bit of time to actually make a selection. I’m not really familiar with any of these nations.

Oceana…One of the weakest nations in the game, but it looks like it would actually fit my playing style reasonably well and is a decent choice for a Wilde game. On this map I’m not so sure there’s enough safe space to make it work.

Ubar…Na’Ba in the early age. Boy-howdy does that have “target” etched all over it. Very powerful if you can get it up and running. Big if on that.

Berytos…A nation full of choices. I hate choices.

When/if evil Steve finalizes his choice I’ll be glad to put up nations for pyrhic.