Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Certainly not.

Nah, I’m not doing much this game right now, being bordered in by Man on one side and Nazca on the other. I have no AI to beat up (jerks that they are). And this map is godawful for moving around, something you flyers don’t really notice. So I’m travelling the planes to uh, beat up Mary and give you a hand.


So, I messed up. @Kelan messaged me a few hours asking for an extension, and after I read the message life blew up at home and I total forgot about it. If no one turned in there new turn, I guess we can role it back.

Let me know if you think we should.


I don’t mind a delay.


@Kelan reached out to me. We are going to keep the turn as is.

Thank you Kelan. I’m sorry I didn’t act sooner.


Do we need to put the turn on extension?


Added 8 hours to the clock. Just in case.


Just added 24 hours.



Things are getting tricky on the one island. We seem to be making slow progress on the Marignon/Shin planet, but there are 1100 units on one fort and that is going to take some work! It is definitely a tricky map with no wraparound and even though my troops fly, it is hard to get troops out there to fight!


Yeah, the lack of wrap around really is stiffing and the AI likes to put down a shit ton of troops.


Does anyone need more time? If not, I’ll let the clock go through.


I should be fine. Working on my turn now.

Also, it seems preaching is totally borked on this map. I have like 15-20 guys preaching with a temple and there is still 8 enemy candles on this damn fort!


Yeah, I have noticed that it’s hard to preach.


I hear ya @Kelan. I just lost 4 fully kitted out Phlegran Tyrants because I thought that casting Marble Warriors a lot, and having 22 prot, would be sufficient vs Oceania. Needless to say, 8 turns of capital only commanders, a ton of gems, and not mentioning the massive amount of other troops…

Back to the drawing board.


@legowarrior Can I please get a 12 hour extension? Things like ‘work’ and ‘making enough to afford to eat’ are getting in the way of my gaming.




Je vous remercie.


Just a note, please keep track of the objectives. As you can see, we have currently 12 throne points versus your 7. It might be wise for everyone to start considering where the thrones are, and what is necessary to take them.

Oh, and when the final AI has been taken care of, I figure we’ll switch to 72 hour turns.

Oh, and multiple Eunuches don’t stack people. I mean, they have patrol bonuses, which stack, but their ability to boost Province defense doesn’t.

Why do you have to kill my scouts!


What is the win condition again? I can’t remember.


18 throne points.


Ok, thanks!

There are now 2100 units on a fort and I am trying to figure out how to kill that many undead, lol. Time to do some math to see how many troops and mages to bring!

At some point we may want to just say let’s go for a free for all after x number of turns, but it would have to be long enough to allow us to prepare. There is still a huge army of Agartha to the far North that is past some water with Atlantis that nobody has worked on yet and we have plenty of fight ahead against Marignon and Shin. Something to think about…