Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


How is everyone doing? What’s on the agenda for everyone?


I added 24 hours to the clock and quick hosting. Just in case. If you don’t need it, please just submit your turn


Ugh, sorry. Thanks for the extension! Should be able to finish it up in morning!


I’ll need an extension of about 6 hours. On a work trip and won’t be able to submit on time.


Added 12. I too could use a bit more time this turn.


I just wanted to say hello.

Just your friendly neighbor. I hope everyone is having a good time!


I guess it was my turn to stall.

Okay, anyone object to changing the turns to 72 Hour intervals?


I like 72 hour intervals. Let’s start this turn, because i won’t be able to do it until much later.


Is this game already over? It looks as if your team has blocked off two more thrones. I don’t remember their worth, but you only need three more points right?


Yeah agree on the 72 hours. I was wondering about that after those armies seemed to teleport over!

Also, after this current turn hosts, I will have to request an extra day or two as we are going away for a 4 day weekend and returning late Sunday night.


Since you have a new team member showing up @Kelan, I was going to put the game on a 1 week hold, to give time to catch up.


I exist, albeit later than I was supposed to. Lego has somewhat filled me in on what is happening.


Hello @Lambert_Simnel ! Great to have you around. Hopefully OttTheGreat has been able to change his email over to yours.

I would highly encourage you to click around the map after Map Filters -> Neighbors is clicked (third button down under End Turn, top right). There are some crazy movement paths on this map.

And @belouski - there are a lot of indie claimed or unclaimed thrones. At our best, it looks like we need at least 5-7 more points. I doubt that the Agarthan world supports more than 3.


Okay, I sent @Lambert_Simnel a message, and hopefully next week, we’ll pick up on the game again.

By the way, as much as I’m enjoying this, if I ever do an AI game again, I would definitely set a time limit, instead of all AI eliminated.




Oh this map, chokepoint filled planets, lovely.


At least you’re on the team with fliers :)


Yeah, the rest of us need to walk everywhere, but walking builds character.


Okay, so I’m out Thursday and Friday. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to give any extensions while I’m out.


I told my team, the non-fliers, that the game is a bit static and boring at this point. And I can’t imagine how Man feels pinned for the last 20 turns I think.

How does the other team feel about changing the rules to allow our war to start sooner or you want to wait it out?

Also, I’d be interested in another game at some pt. Have enjoyed it.