Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

I have no idea what I’m doing anyway!

Llama is having some trouble, so I’ve put a 12 hour delay, but also quick hosting. Fingers crossed. Also, there was a new patch, so it might be best to resubmit your turn no matter what.

Been a busy week and finally getting back to this!

I was thinking the same thing 10-20 turns ago, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I would suggest something like 5-10 turns to keep things as they are and then propose a change in rules. What that would be exactly, we could discuss, and I would want to check with our team also to make sure they are on board.

One option would be to just go full out war immediately after the turn delay is up. Another could be allow wars, but only in the general direction of thrones (not sure how well this would play in practice, though). All out war after x number of turns is probably the only option really. We could discuss what we think is fair for number of turns. My main armies are worlds away from home, but being able to fly would help some there.

How about we just start pvp next turn? If your team is in favor @Kelan, we can do it. That should get the excitement going and should get to the end game.

And after that, I am all for a more traditional game. I would love to do some late era stuff.

That would mean turn 81. Just to clarify.

It looks like we are waiting on a lot of turns, and my isn’t easy, so I added 12 hours to the clock. It’s still auto hosting, so if no one needs it, we’ll all be done on time.

Slightly longer postponement requested.

Thank you! Sorry, 4 day weekend and wife has some projects for me! I have my turn almost ready and will finish in morning.

I can’t believe it! I was attacked! I mean, I know we can do that, but I was viciously attacked by T’ien C’hi! It was a tough battle, with remarkable opponents, but in the end, my troops prevailed! Not this time @belouski! Not this time!.

Heh. Two priests get lost on their way to a prayer meeting and accidentally start a interplanetary conflict.

That’s what I get for being lazy with my pathfinding.

Lies! You dare mock a disciple of the great and power Akaoni_4, or whatever his name is.

Now I will rain down on you like a thousand angry hamsters! You will feel my wrath. Tremble, tremble before my might.

Sadly, I stalled this last turn. No spoilers, but I guess everyone check out the turn.

Probably scared I was going to send more priests at you.

That was a worry. I had moved a lot of troops into that territory, ready for all the priests you could send at me!

Welp, that’s that.

It was rather anticlimatic. I found it interesting to look at all the troops in the various locations, and the history link that shows how each nation expanded.

One question I have for @Kelan is the number of Caelum Seraphs in the Hall of Fame. Seraphs as thugs are generally kitted out with gear and do mistform/mirror image/etc attack, or they do shockwave spam, or you burn a ton of air gems with air elementals. What did you do with all those guys?

Phelgra was an interesting nation, but was handicapped when going after the underwater nations. I almost played my Tyrants like they were Dai Oni from EA Yomi (fireshield, ironskin/stoneskin, soul vortex, gear), but early on they were just Flaming Arrow casters.

Their communion is interesting, but the oppressors with their level 1 in each path made me reluctant to go beyond magma eruption. I was interested to see how the Air queens and tyrants I had with the communion gear, scripted for turn 1 Fog warriors, Army of Gold, Ground Army, Fire storm, would do against the 2300 undead and whatever else Nazca had up their sleeve.

Thanks for the game, @legowarrior !

I learned a lot. I really appreciate getting to the end game for once.

Although the concept was interesting, in hindsight, both the rules and the map could have been better. Maybe a limited time treaty, as opposed to an AI one.

Oh, and man did I feel handicapped by Asphodel at times. Very primitive castles were the worst.

Thanks for the game! I certainly learned a few things, but the location I was in left me sort of trapped for the mid game onwards.Oh well!

So, new game in a few weeks? Maybe something a little more straightforward.

I am open to it after June 15th.
Some of the suggestions
Game with everyone starting with 10 provinces
Disciple game but only 2 players per team.
Something like that

I am intrigued, but I wont be available till August. Dont let that hold you up at all, though.