Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Okay, we have a majority. I will make the change… For now.

Now it’s all up to @wahoo

Yes. Quickhosting is great. Can we have a 25 hour timer too?

Finally, I fried my laptop so I’ll have trouble when I’m on travel.


So, are we going to start see two or three turns a day going forward?

I should be able to now that I have Dom 5 on my laptop and can do turns at work. In the past I have trouble when I work late and have a late night out bowling and some days can miss a turn altogether. This should help a lot!

Oh and yes to quick hosting!

I have had my first contact so the temptation to war is high!

I haven’t had contact yet, but I have a rough idea of where to find some people.

Well, turn is in, we’ll see what happens next.

No, we wont see three turns a day. Perhaps two, on like saturday or sunday, but that’ll only be this weekend - after that the game will be developed enough that the pace slows…

You of little faith! All that needs to happen is for the last player to submit his turn right away. Twice!

No, me of very long dominions experience, lol…

Well, right now I doubt Quick hosting will make any difference what so ever. All it does it push people to wait until the last minute to submit a turn, just in case something comes up in the mean time.

never been my experience. What i’d say generally happens with it at this stage, is the last person to submit waits two minutes and does their next turn. Then they have 24-48 hours to make their next turn. It works great particularly if you’re going away for a weekend or something.

Around turn 20 or so, the turns become longer and more complicated, and the ability to turn around two quick turns diminishes. After 50, the turns become so long, i actually need a break between turns, so it becomes impossible for me…

During the last game we had on this forum, what seemed to happen is the last person to submit would continue to be the last person to submit. I played around with our timing system (Changing the intervals, having quick hosting) and we had much more regular participation during regular turn sessions then we did with quick hosting. Regular hosting 48-hour turns were, in general, faster then quick hosting 60-hour turns because somebody would always wait till the last minute to submit even if there was only AI fighting (which the last game we had was all about).

It seemed counterintuitive to me until I realized that with quick hosting turns, in theory, you can’t fix mistakes. If you submit your turn early, you always run the risk that everyone will submit early as well, not giving you time to make changes due to ideas or diplomacy. There is always that risk and people want to minimize risk. And the only way to do it is to be absolutely certain you submit as late as possible.

In any case, this turn is a great case study of why your thesis is incorrect. @wahoo was the last person to submit. He submitted maybe an hour or so before the turn was due last night. It quickly hosted. Right now, he is still the last person to submit. So we are in the exact same situation we were in when we didn’t do quick hosting.

And if I suddenly want to make a change to my strategy, I better hope that Wahoo doesn’t submit before I’m done.

it’s not a thesis and I think you’re thinking way to much about it.

What can I say, human nature intrigues me, especially when it leads to counterintuitive outcomes. I wasted a large part of my life going to school to study it.

This turn was interesting. I see that some people are starting to break ahead.

This makes me smile. It implies my mistakes are so small that I can fix them. I wish that was the case. Already writing this game off because there is just no way to fix the mistakes I made designing my pretender.

I’m sorry to hear that. I would love to hear more about the mistake. Maybe after the game is over.

I think strategy works right up until the first turn of the game proper. For instance, I was fine with my expansion during test games, but absolutely having a shocking time right now in the real thing.