Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

The final version of the CBM mod has been uploaded to the inspector, so now its even easier to check the changes on the go.

What’s up, my dude? I’ll postponed everything, but I wanted to make sure you where doing okay.

Anyone hear from @pyrhic recently?

it’s likely that he doesn’t have the time or the internet connection to make a decent turn (presumably a complex turn). i’d extend a couple of days till we hear from him? personally happy to wait

Dunno if this msg work; in airport WiFi. I’m on my way back home and will be able to get to my turn within 24hrs or so.

it worked if that helps :)

How’s everyone doing? Are we all getting stuck into things?

I feel like I am playing Wack-o-mole right now. Just random attacks spring up in my territory. Unapologetic aggression due to no fault of my own. But I guess that’s the way the game is played.

Likely, I have my trust defense force, ready to spring into action! They don’t form Voltron, but my lions are ready to act.

You know what Pythia could use? We could use a couple more bishops. We have a shortage of low level priests who can also act as commanders.
If anybody has any to spare, please send them our way.
Oh, we do have a few blood slaves to sell. Just in case anyone is in the market.

So, I have some extra Water and Air gems that I probably won’t need for a long time. Would anyone care for them?

This better not be one of those games where everyone gets along and nothing happens until someone goes AI out of boredom.

I want to hear tales of WOE, tales of CUNNING, tales of DIABOLICAL PLANNING, and tales of THUGS OF EVIL. I want to hear how a single Bane with a frost brand took out a Vastness. I want to hear how the last blood slave was used to cast Agony, which broke the entire enemy army. Or how Seduce was used on that critical guy who was carrying all the gems.

You guys are NOT AMUSING.

You can always check out the scores in the game. It tells a different story I think.

Machaka has jumped out to a huge lead. Na’Ba decided to try and blunt his momentum and has gone down like a speed bump. Hopefully some of the other nations will join in and take down the leader. Otherwise we have a world full of spiders and fire.
The time is now.

Ind/Abyssia It’s your call. He cut through a pack of hydras like they were province defense troops. When you’ve got a defense of 21…well not much is gonna hit you.

So far, I’ve only waged defensive wars. NaBa struck first, but it is true that the last battle came out in my favor. I think I’ve been more than fair with my neighbors and have never struck first.

The same can’t be said about Pythium. A sneak attack against several provinces at the same time? This was planned from the beginning. DfS waited until NaBa was deep in trouble, not so that he could help anyone, but so that I would be in the most vulnerable position. The question is, who else is he planning on backstabbing?

Why not strike earlier, when NaBa had a chance?

As for Hydras, who attacks a nation with Poison Resistance with Hydras?

This is all true. You’ve done nothing wrong except be wildly successful. Not expecting the world to hold that against you is disingenuous.

Backstabbing! Now, that hurts. I don’t remember signing a nap with you…because we never discussed one. If you’ve got your back turned towards me (and there are a TON of troops headed my way already folks! 300 troops in 4 different armies on my borders.) in addition to what you have in Na’Ba then your other neighbors better get terrified quick.

Because I thought Pyrhic with his new nation that is full of wonderous toys would be able to hold his own against you? In truth I got hooked again when Pyrhic asked me to help him with the pretender for his new nation. Looking at all the wonderful/terrible toys Na’Ba had made me think the nation might be a bit overpowered. Always liked Machaka and you’re doing it well.

Yeah. I can only use the tools that I have. I didn’t expect that to end well. I just didn’t expect it to work that poorly. You’ve got a nice set of options considering so far we haven’t even seen what your mages are up to. Seriously, unless others join in this game is pretty much over except for you moping up the rest of us.

Just like how Poland actually started WW2

No, i don’t feel they’re overpowered. My impression is that they are strong starters and start leveling out towards mid-game. They’re actually not typically the type of nation I enjoy playing, which is why i wanted to give them a shot. I guess they’re a little like a sandy Eriu…

little p pyrhic…i dunno why it’s important, but it is ;)

You had hidden armies throughout my territory!

Now, I’m fighting on two fronts!

And that battle was… well you saved castle for one more turn!

My apologies. Just like lowercase dfs.

ask anyone, i always have hidden armies everywhere. It’s kinda like my thing.

And it’s kind of my thing to bring the Hammer of Undeniable Justice down hard!

Spidery goodness

I guess it technically wasn’t backstabbing, but I felt that we had a sort of agreement.

I’ll have to shift some forces around, but I will push you out of my Kingdom of GREAT JUSTICE.

For I am SPIDERMAN (Dang it, I should have called my pretender Spiderman)

I guess it is 2020, I should use this one.

Or this one

From now on, I’ll be playing this when watching all my battles!