Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

I didn’t realize how well equipped @dfs main army was. It will take some thinking of how to defeat something of that size with so many gems at the ready.

Well, yeah. It’s not like I’m going to be able to go toe to toe with your spiders. I need something (or things) to even the odds.

Keep in mind, each is the same cost of a small squad of troops. They are not cheap.

2 of them cost as much as a lower level mage, 4 of them, a good mage.

Their saving grace is that they are reusable.

What worries me is that research of your. I am going to be blown away by some high level magic. And what will I be able to counter with? I just don’t know. Yet.

Is it going to be soul slay or mass enslavement? Shit, it could be thunder storms. Am I dealing with etherael and mistformed units that will be impossible to damage?

Hey, there ARE reasons to play pythia.

I wonder how many people will be watching our upcoming wars with good scouting. We are going to be giving up a lot of valuable Intel Soon.

Well, I was hoping to catch your army there @dfs.
Traps are tough.

But in other news, things are still going along as expected. I was surprised by the 3rd Harbinger though.

Interesting game with only one global up already. OTOH, multi kited out harbringers are super scary. Machaka is fighting 3 nations although I think NaBA is about done.

The Ind/Phaecia war is seeing ups and downs with boht nations using raiders etc. I won the biggest battle but have lost more in terms of gems/leaders. Ind has better magic and a lot more gems now.

Yeah, you guys have your own thing going on. Only @Kelan seems to be hanging out by himself. I wonder what his master plan will be. He could snatch another throne pretty easily it seems.

Personally, I feel a bit tied down. A lot of small attacks everywhere. I will have to come up with a strategy that doesn’t leave me to vulnerable. I have some ideas though.

Well, He got one of the harbingers this turn. In a game with NaBa and Ind and some serious sacreds and…Have you seen those spider warriors blessed? …In a game with all that I wasn’t gonna last the whole game with Hydra’s, spearman and non-national archers.

Every time Machaka and Pythia has had an interesting clash, Machaka has come out on top. Nothing’s changed yet except I threw some raiders against point defense.

Ah come on, those Spiders are a huge investment. Of course they are going to do a bit of damage, but they cost a small mountain of gold.

Besides, you haven’t brought out your big guns at all. You have a huge communion force just hanging out, not engaging. When you come in, you’ll probably drop mistform on everything, not to mention making everything etherael and lucky.

I will lucky to hit anything, while you wipe me clean with Thunder and Frost.

So far though, I have avoided most of your major forces, which is why you have an army of decent size grabbing up all the territory around my castle. I don’t have anything that can engage without being pulled apart by your Harbingers.

My only chance to to weather the upcoming siege that I believe is coming.

One of the things I like most about Dominions is the false perceptions you start to entertain when you just aren’t sure what’s going on. This is a little different than the forum-woofing that takes place. It’s clear that Legowarrior and I are playing the same game and seeing very different things. Knowing how much to believe from your different informational sources is a lot of the game.

Was he “avoiding my major forces” because communions or “setting a trap” in which he invested his pretender as a battlemage? hmmmmmm.

Oh. Yeah. I forgot about that when I conceeded all the major clashes to Machaka. Na’Ba and I did have a pretty spectacular turn where we got his pretender out and about. It didn’t do much good, but boy did it lift moral.

Why not both? It was a huge investment of resources on my part, a nearly 1 time shot, with a lot of gems used. It might have been effective against your forces, but you can tell how desperate I am, to use my Pretender in battle. It’s not a SC, it’s just a guy with a stick.

So, all those gems used, in order to take out a single Harbinger? I guess it was worth it, but I don’t see how I can replicate it without using even more gems of my limited supply. It’s not like I have a global that can pull fire gems out of the ether.

Right now, I am facing does with mobile Thugs that are carving up my nation and backed by superior magic.

I have got some Hoplites, some archers and a small number of Spiders. I can only push back because many of my mages have been pulled off research duty to fight in the war. Research, that you are steadily out pacing us all in.

I worry about the next thing you will send my way and how I can possible counter it.

But you weren’t aimed at the Harbinger. That was just happy circumstances. You were aimed at my army…which oddly enough was aimed at yours. We just…passed in the night. Right now I think if we clashed I would have a 30-40% chance of coming out on top. It would likely come down to …how well does the communion and scripting work.

Or I can keep raiding and let the upkeep on those spiders drag you down.

Life is just full of choices.

Howl? Really? I’m also fond of shade beasts. Hate having them used against me.

I needed something I could summon to boost my army. Shade beast are a bit expansive, but seemed cost effective.
Unlike anything I can summon with fire gems.

Howl was something I was hoping to spring on your army. A distraction from what I can only assume would be dozens of air elements that I would be facing. 3 nature gems though. I don’t think I will get those back, along with everything else my army was set to rain on you!

And, if I hadn’t retreated back to the mountains, I think my army would have been a goner. It was only because I could combine it with some other forces that I think I have a chance.

I agree that I had my chance to defeat a section of your army in detail before the link up. Well, at least those were better odds. If I had not wasted my flyers I think that would have been a sure thing. Now…Hmmmmmm. Gonna have to ponder this one.

If the answer isn’t combining the Harbingers with your main army, I will be surprised.

Which reminds me, it might be time to advance in a rearward direction. Tactically!

Or maybe I have a cunning plan!

Speaking of cunning plans, when are you planning to come on inside? We’ve been waiting here forever but you just don’t seem to want to come in the door…

See, I’ve been asking my Eight Ball that same question, and it keeps saying “Outlook not so good”

So, maybe next time or something?

Well, if that’s the case, the least you could do is let us out the door so we can grab some take-out or something

I mean, I would, but we have set up the perfect camping spots right now, and there are marshmallows, its a whole thing.

You know what, you can come out an join us! There is a lot of room by the fire. And we do have lots of fire. You could say that Fire is one of the ELEMENTS that make it so much fun.

Just come out, and hang! You saw the crew!