Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

Why not both? It was a huge investment of resources on my part, a nearly 1 time shot, with a lot of gems used. It might have been effective against your forces, but you can tell how desperate I am, to use my Pretender in battle. It’s not a SC, it’s just a guy with a stick.

So, all those gems used, in order to take out a single Harbinger? I guess it was worth it, but I don’t see how I can replicate it without using even more gems of my limited supply. It’s not like I have a global that can pull fire gems out of the ether.

Right now, I am facing does with mobile Thugs that are carving up my nation and backed by superior magic.

I have got some Hoplites, some archers and a small number of Spiders. I can only push back because many of my mages have been pulled off research duty to fight in the war. Research, that you are steadily out pacing us all in.

I worry about the next thing you will send my way and how I can possible counter it.

But you weren’t aimed at the Harbinger. That was just happy circumstances. You were aimed at my army…which oddly enough was aimed at yours. We just…passed in the night. Right now I think if we clashed I would have a 30-40% chance of coming out on top. It would likely come down to …how well does the communion and scripting work.

Or I can keep raiding and let the upkeep on those spiders drag you down.

Life is just full of choices.

Howl? Really? I’m also fond of shade beasts. Hate having them used against me.

I needed something I could summon to boost my army. Shade beast are a bit expansive, but seemed cost effective.
Unlike anything I can summon with fire gems.

Howl was something I was hoping to spring on your army. A distraction from what I can only assume would be dozens of air elements that I would be facing. 3 nature gems though. I don’t think I will get those back, along with everything else my army was set to rain on you!

And, if I hadn’t retreated back to the mountains, I think my army would have been a goner. It was only because I could combine it with some other forces that I think I have a chance.

I agree that I had my chance to defeat a section of your army in detail before the link up. Well, at least those were better odds. If I had not wasted my flyers I think that would have been a sure thing. Now…Hmmmmmm. Gonna have to ponder this one.

If the answer isn’t combining the Harbingers with your main army, I will be surprised.

Which reminds me, it might be time to advance in a rearward direction. Tactically!

Or maybe I have a cunning plan!

Speaking of cunning plans, when are you planning to come on inside? We’ve been waiting here forever but you just don’t seem to want to come in the door…

See, I’ve been asking my Eight Ball that same question, and it keeps saying “Outlook not so good”

So, maybe next time or something?

Well, if that’s the case, the least you could do is let us out the door so we can grab some take-out or something

I mean, I would, but we have set up the perfect camping spots right now, and there are marshmallows, its a whole thing.

You know what, you can come out an join us! There is a lot of room by the fire. And we do have lots of fire. You could say that Fire is one of the ELEMENTS that make it so much fun.

Just come out, and hang! You saw the crew!

Nah, to be honest we’re fine here. I don’t know where they’re coming from, but more and more, erm, people …are showing up in the city like every single day. And yet, through all that, we still have the money to pay them a salary and food to feed them. So, we’re pretty good.

And every month that army is sitting here doing nothing is a month it’s not out there helping you against all your other friends…

It’s all R&R man. Camping, singing, hanging out.

Honestly, it’s all a good time.

It’s what those guys need right now.

As for my other forces, they are doing pretty well. See, they have a cunning plan.

But, I do need to do something to change the balance. Maybe I can leave you a wooden horse sometime?

I feel like I just dodge this really really big bullet. A bullet that sadly, is still on the move, and travelling slowly towards me.

That was not satisfying. I think that would have been a really close fight. It was a smart move to withdraw, but I wish you had stood your ground.

Well, you know what they say, never get involved in a land war in Machaka.

But that was quite the army you had, and I’m sure the spells cast would have been epic, but now we have more time to put together a cool fight.

Not sure if this needs to be said (and I haven’t seen it) but what is the stance on Gem Baiting. With all my battles going on, I haven’t seen it, but I want to make sure we are all on the same page. No intentional gem baiting.

  • Gem Baiting is part of the game
  • Gem Baiting is an exploit
  • What is Gem Baiting?

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I dont know wtf gem baiting is

Well, that is one of the answers in the poll.

Basically, its attacking with enough troops to cause the opponent to use up gems (most likely in the magic phase), and then attacking again afterward with a better army, after the opponent has used up all the gems.

Usually you have to attack twice in the same turn to make it work, but it might be considered gem baiting to attack while an army is in your territory, and doesn’t have a way to resupply gems.

Gem baiting can only happen if there is a remote attack followed by a normal move/attack?

I’ve never come across the term before so I can’t really think of it as an exploit?

There are a number of ways to do gem baiting.

For instance, if @pyrhic believe I had just enough gems for a single battle and no way to resupply, he could marshal out with just enough troops to have me waste them on a small force, and leave me with not enough in the main fight. Alternatively, he could break siege this turn with a small force, having the AI use up all the gems, and then, after the break siege attempt fails, and I have elected to storm the castle, I would be doing it without most of my gems for the upcoming battle.

Alternatively, if I believed that @pyrhic had only a few gems, I might attempt to storm the castle with only a few troops, having him waste his few precious gems, and then strike again the next turn after he had used up most of his gems.

That might not be considered on the same scale though as the classic gem bait - cloud trapeze into a large force, and force them to use their gems before the much larger battle.

In any case, Illwinter has made gem baiting much harder. You used to be able to do it with a scout in Dominions 3. Imagine, a giant army was on your border, loaded to bear, and you attack with a scout. And then your enemy casts, Howl, Swarm, Fire Resistance, Mistform, Flight, Foul Vapors. Just everything set up for a giant killer fight, and use up dozens of gems against a scout. Illwinter now has the AI compare relative strength before allowing the AI use gems, especially if you toggle “Converse Gems” in the actions. But, if it comes to just mages, or small forces, you can usually trigger the gems to be used if your leader has enough items equiped.

Again, this is all about intentional gem baiting. It came up as I was deciding whether to attack the fort or not.

um, ya, whatever