Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

FYI All, I’m taking a mini vacation and will be AFK till next Wednesday. Sorry all. ?Have a great long weekend.

no worries. have a great break

Game has been postponed!

In other news, what a turn. I feel like I’m finally back in a position to do some good for a change. I did lose one of all my important spies though, thanks to some evil birds. And somehow I lost a hammer… which really sucks.

I think that Lightning of Pythiums is starting to really suck. It hasn’t taken out anything too vital yet, but it will, given time.

I’m putting together so forces that should be able to hold off Vanarus for a bit longer though, which is good. Hopefully, I’ll be able to move forward soon with operation Finally Win against Vanarus. Fingers crossed on that one.

Still waiting on some good old fashion Angels vs Demons though.

Maybe, maybe not. But the longer you spend trying to defeat me, the longer Pythium and Phaecia consolidate their power. You’ve lost your early game advantage. Easy enough to drag out this war, snipe your commanders and otherwise divert your resources to defeating me as opposed to seeing the bigger picture.

Sorry, that was supposed to be operation finally beat NaBa. But same thing.

Oh, and once again, I have NaBa under siege.

I’m any case, I am making progress on my grand plan. Next turn, I will get to make some real progress on it.

So, I’m looking for 2 more players. It looks like we are going to have 4 teams of 3, with two more experienced players with 1 newer player.

@wahoo, do you need more time? I really want to see my turn!

Okay, everyone, how do you feel about me extending the turn one more time? I haven’t heard from @wahoo for a while, and I don’t know if he is sick, dead, or just AWOL. any thoughts on this?

I’m happy with that.

me too. happy with that, that is

As of right now, 10 more days added to the timer.

How wants to join our Disciple game while we wait? We could use 2 more players.

i’m keeping an eye on it. it’s just that i find disciple games hard work (in the sense that I can’t just stuff up on my own as per)… however, if you get to needing just one…

Wahoo came through for us!

so…friendly fire is a real thing. Just destroyed 1/3 of my own army.

I will be late getting my turn in, but it will be submitted within the next 24hrs. I’ve had some computer problems as I transition from one PC to a new one. Hopefully sorted. This 2080TI lets me run Dominions on max graphics settings.

Also, we might be creating a new music playlist for the monolith…

I too am taking a long time with my turn. I’ve had a lot going on as of late.

This is the most fluid game I’ve been part of in such a long, long time. Reversal after reversal. I think everyone has had some pretty bad losses that set them back that means there’s no run away leader. Instead there’s 3 front runners and then 2 sleepers.

Edit: since @dfs has seen the turn, I don’t have to be vague. I’m a bit shocked at how quickly tides have shifted in the Abyssia/Pythium war. I still think Pythium is in pretty good shape as they have taken the most land and really shrunk Abyssia’s footprint. However, Abyssia has the most powerful units with multiple archdevils while the Harbringres have been hurt.

I have to agree Wahoo. I know eventually I’ll succumb to Machaka considering the higher research rate and income generation, but it is interesting to see the to and fro on our own battle lines.

I just know that someone annoyed me this turn. I tried to do a thing, but I could not do a thing because the thing was already done!

I won’t go into more detail than that, but the lack of the thing annoys me! I thought I was the first to hit that goal, but it seems someone hit that goal first.

Oh lord no. Are we there already!