Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

Rats. I did think about dropping the Monolith this turn, but legowarrior beat me on the psychological battle this time around. I was thinking I should have faked him out and hit next turn because surely he’ll be expecting it to drop this turn.

Overthinking folks. It’s damn annoying. Oh well, see you in the next game pyrhic.

If it’s any consolation, a set up most of my mages with double the gems that they needed. And set up most of my biggest spells to go off on turn 4 or 5, after your monolith would have jump out.

It definitely hurt some of my plans though. Would have loved to wait a little longer before jumping in the two banes.

i’m sure i’ll be joining you shortly, pyrhic. i think we only crossed swords in the arena, and you wooped me as per…

sorry Strato, replied to you for some reason :)

That was a huge battle @pyrhic. There really wasn’t a lot I could do to damage your Cinder Block. I was lucky that Acid Spell was usable.
Mostly though, I think I be benefited a lot from those Griffons Distracting you.

Anyway, thank you for the epic game. You were a tough opponent, and you threw me back twice before this fight.

If anything, i think it was mass flight (which is almost comical to watch with everything flying up/flying down); any chance i had was tied to grinding you down in front of the walls. But really, there was such a slim chance at that given my inability to replenish my troops: there’s only so much I could do to recover with no income and scant gems.

@Evil_Steve oddly enough, your bishops actually contributed favorably on several occasions and I was glad to have them! So thanks :)

well that ended with a couple of guys holding up a banner saying “how do you like them apples”…

So, we have a number of Global enchantments that are up right now. All play havoc on our game, and I think its time to put together a loose organization to deal with them. The purpose is to figure out what spells people would like to get removed. I don’t have a big income of Astral gems, but I’m willing to work with people to remove some of them (except Riches from Beneath).

I don’t believe that removing a spell goes against a NAP. At least not the ones that continue to attack me.

    • Eternal Pyre
    • Mother Oak
    • Riches from Beneath
    • The Wrath of God
    • Wild Hunt

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Anyone hear from @wahoo recently?

6 days ago. Maybe he went away for the weekend?

He got his turn in. I was really worried that he might be sick or something.

This was a decent turns. Lots of fun things happening!

So, with the new game starting up, and my weekend a little booked, I personally need an 24 hour extension on the turn.

I’m sorry for the delay everyone. I will try to work on it either this evening, or tomorrow evening.

Saved me the trouble of asking. Thank you.

I try to check on the server when it comes close, but I hope no one counts on that. Better to send me a message around the 12 hour mark, just in case I’m away or something is happening.

Do I see the beginnings of conflict between Phaecia and Machaka?

There was an unsual troop deployment into Phaecian territory. Misclick? I’ve heard that one before…

Dang it, that was a voice of the lord. That is annoying because that isn’t a cheap commander!

Ah well, I’m sure he’ll realize that mistakes happen. If he is upset about it, maybe I can send him some weregild.

Okay, so I think I can get my turn in tonight, but just to be sure, I added 18 hours to the time limit. For east Coasters, that should be 2PM or so Sunday.

Let me know if you need more time, but I think I’ll have my turn in by then.

@wahoo, do you need more time?
I added 2 hours just in case, but please let me know.

Gave myself a few more hours. I will get my turn in tomorrow night!

Okay, that is just cruel. People seem to be taking globals down left right and center now!

We have lost 4 of them. Gone but not forgotten.