Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

I didn’t add the time, but I’m in favor of waiting as long as needed instead of accepting stales.

Back and forth. Well done. Wraith Lords are beasts.

They can do good work, that is true.

Are they? I checked in the inspector, and they only have 33 hit points.

check out the spell soul vortex. Tailor made for him. Cast that and kit him up with some armor and protection. He regens faster than you can hurt him. They are expensive, but straightforward and easy to use. He pretty much signals that the era of the meatshield soldier is over. If you can hold your own against elemental royalty, you’re a decent unit.

I used to adore them, but against some astral mages and low level spells, they are very vulnerable. Found that out the hard way once. Still, the hit points by themselves don’t really hurt them a ton if they self buff something like … dfs beat me to it!

Thank you!

so this one is wandering around with a MR on the order of 23. If there’s a low level spell…

Yeah, almost all my guys are running around with some basic MR equipment and some other odds an ends.

The nice thing is, even if they die, they come back (unless Soul Slay is involved). The Balance Mod chances it so you have to wait a few months, but in vanilla, it’s the next month!

Ouch, yeah that’s a tough MR to punch through on what is a potent combat unit. The only solution I could come up with would be one of the short range elemental spell that virtually never gets used. But even then, that’s a lot of setup, and potentially a lot of gold and resources for little reward.

There is something else, but not sure I should say until the game is over…

I added 12 hours to the clock, but I should have my turn in tonight!

Congratulations Lego. I saw the summary and haven’t had the heart to look at the replay. Once I saw my mind hunters getting picked off I figured the battle was not going to end well, that was a horrible misread on my part.

It was a worthy battle.

Thankful, I had a few Astral Mages to protect that particular group. Hopefully, I can scatter a few more around, just to make life interesting for you.

Still, you have that very impressive army in the cave now. I wonder if they are starving or not.

That “very impressive army” is mage free and simply a gambit to delay your entry into dragon pointe for another turn. I was more than willing to sacrifice it in exchange for a better shot at getting that throne fortified. RNG didn’t go in my favor there.

What a horribly serious miscalculation on my part. Looking at the previous turn’s battle I thought your force was astral free which is why I went all in on the mind hunts. Either I missed a unit or two or the RNG didn’t break my way again in resolving spell order or there is something else I just don’t understand about turn resolution.

Rigor Mortis and Heat from Hell burned through my guys awfully quickly. There is nothing left up my sleeves. You’ll have trouble taking my forts, but at this point I think it’s a two horse race and I’m not one of the horses left.

You still have a powerful Gem Income though, which worries me a lot. And some powerful Fire and Air Mages! But yeah, I realized that I needed to knock you out, and it meant knocking my own guys out! But I did get lucky with the Astral Mage in the area. That was a good send!

But, if you notice that battle, you Mass Enslave got some very surprising units! I’m still annoyed by that!

On the other hand, the other player has Fairy Queens, a bunch of Treemen and Golems. I don’t see how I can fair well against those guys, and Multiple Air Queens and Water Queens. Those are scary.

You couldn’t let me fortify that throne just like I wasn’t about to let you fortify there either. I don’t know that I’m knocked out, but I’m no longer really relevant either.

That is all true. But you still have those darn Angels flying around!

And you’re mind hunting was more effective than it should have been!

One angel left. I invested a lot to try and fortify that throne.

Who hasn’t?

I don’t know what I can do the hold it, but I have some ideas.