Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition

He still controls more territory then anyone else, and has a substantial Gem income, so I’m not dropping my guard anytime soon.

I have to honest though, that Master Enslave stuff is bull, but with undead thugs, I always equip everyone with anti magic items, and hope for the best.

But you still have that beastly Archangel running around. I’m waiting to see what you can do with Fire 4!

Absolutely. I don’t know that I would have fared any better back on turn 30. He had mages in the field as artillery support way sooner than I did. I’ll stand by the decisions I made. Leggo’s played a good game. All I can do now is inflict as much pain as possible.

Startled at the stillness broken
by reply so aptly spoken,
“Doubtless,” said I,
"what it utters is its only stock and store "
Caught from some unhappy master
whom unmerciful Disaster
Followed fast and followed faster
till his songs one burden bore
Till the dirges of his Hope
that melancholy burden bore

Add 12 hours to the clock. Let me know if you need more. I will get mine in soon!

An interesting turn. I see that @wahoo is trying to cut off @dfs from possible avenues into my territory, which is helpful. Easier to fight one person at a time, that.

Not much else to report this turn though.

This game keeps on giving! I can’t believe you tackled my global. That is just mean!

Well, hopefully the turn was as interesting for you as it was for me, but I wonder what the next global will be and who will put it up.

My apologies for having to postpone this turn a few times. I’m digging out from the holidays and this turn is very, very tough. I have to figure out how to deal with some nasty forces that popped up. I think this game will be resolved in the next 5 turns or so. Machaka has an extremely strong invasion force one against pythium and one against me. If Machaka wins both the big fights, he wins. If he splits, then there’s a good chance for the winner. If Machaka loses both, I think that ends Machaka’s chance of winning.

You say that, but if I lose, it’s not Machak that loses, it’s Phaeacia that wins. You have those large armies in the middle of my empire, one close to taking a throne castle of mine. You have 4 Queens in key locations around the inner section of my Empire.

You have 3 thrones under your control, and the one that isn’t claimed isn’t a far off one. It’s the one next to your capital.

And your armies are beastly, as you have been waiting for Pythium and I to stop fighting before moving in. I am curious about what your Drakainia will try to do when backed up by that huge army of yours.

For the foreseeable future all Pythia can do is try and protect our thrones. If Machaka is that concerned about Phoenicia feel free to ignore me for the next 12 turns. Of course I will have to reclaim some of the land that I recently lost near Senextro, but that wouldn’t effect the quarrel between the two of you.

You do seem to be in a pickle, especially with Gift of Health now up.

We’ll see what happens in the next few turns.

Sorry guys can we roll back. I stalled as meant to do it tonight but had to deal with a fam issue.

@dfs, if you are okay with this, I can roll it back.
Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this turn run through for a while, and I’m getting a bit irked that every single turn is taking us over a week.

Is there any way that this process can be hurried up?

Shoot. I looked at my turn. Did something interesting happen that I missed?

I’m Ok either way. My turns are now rather simple and I think Kelan is in the clear. We are ready to concede, but need to know who to concede to. The two of you are taking time and I can’t condemn you for that.

The game may not hang in the balance on each turn, but each turn is important in it’s own way. We’ve invested a year in the game and I would hate to see it decided by a stale. The game is supposed to be fun. I had a blast.

I rolled it back.

I am trying to make sure I don’t hold anything up and get my turns in before you guys. It is up to you guys. I did manage to get this guy out this turn, but who knows what I will get on the restart of the turn!


that is a good one.
But I see he would have killed your population as well.

Yeah, pretty sure they all will. Just wanted to summon one just to say I did it once. Sort of a bucket list item… that will steal my soul when I die! Fun fun!

Well, I submitted the exact same turn as before. No changes, although I’m very curious about how a few things turned out.

I did as well.

If that works, let me grab my old file… Think I left it at work.